Do You Feel Invisible?

Photo by radnatt taken from

Photo by radnatt taken from

Before I share my intro story, I must admit, early in my marriage I stunk at being a wife. And I mean stunk. (You can read about that HERE and HERE, and maybe HERE.)

Okay, disclaimer out of the way…

When Steve and I were first married, I had no idea what a wife was supposed to do, but I figured cooking had to be high on the list of responsibilities. Unfortunately, this was another area I stunk in. (You can read about this HERE.) But food seemed important, so I determined to learn to do better, and I began buying cooking magazines and trying out all sorts of fancy recipes, many of which took me hours. Over half of which I botched.

My poor, unsuspecting husband had no idea I’d slaved over a hot, midwestern stove all afternoon, and so, without much thought, he sat and ate. While I stared at him. And stared at him. Then stared at him some more.

No thank you? No, “This is good”?

After staring at him creepily for maybe ten minutes (or ten meals, I don’t remember), I got up, grabbed the left overs, and promptly threw them away, saying, “Obviously no one made this, so…”

And then I sat back down to finish my meal while my husband became the creepy starer (no doubt wondering what in the world he’d gotten himself into).

I thought of this little … event as I read Leann Betts post below on feeling invisible. I imagine we’ve all felt this way at one time or another. So what do we do when we feel unnoticed or unappreciated?

But first… give-away alert! Leeann is giving away a copy of her latest release, No Accounting For Murder, to one of you, selected randomly from the comments left on today’s post.

Am I Invisible?

By Leeann Betts

Do you ever get the feeling that nobody truly sees you for who you are? They only see what you can do for eye-413734_1920them. As the pseudonym for a fiction writer, I really am invisible.

But you aren’t.

When people treat us like we don’t really count, that can be hurtful, frustrating, demeaning. It can cause us to question our calling, our talents, our very essence.

As the pseudonym for a fiction writer, I only really have the calling, the talent, the essence my creator gave me. Notice I used a small ‘c’ for creator there.

She says I’m cute, perky, and all the things she isn’t.

But as a child of God, you have the calling, the talent, the essence your Creator gave you.

Note the capital C.

He says you are beloved, treasured, and all the things He is.

God created us for three things: to worship Him, to fellowship with Him, and to reach out and draw others into His kingdom. All of those purposes work together. Being wholeheartedly invested in one will cause us to grow and overflow into the other purposes.

You are not invisible. You are not the sum of what you do. You are not what others say about you.

You are cradled in the palm of His hand. You are the face of God in a fallen world. You are what He says about you.

So the next time you feel like nobody really sees you, or others overlook who you really are or try to force you into their mold, remember these things:

  1. Genesis 21:23 — You are a foreigner in this world. It isn’t our home. It’s just the place our physical bodies live while we complete the tasks God has given us.
  2. Deuteronomy 7:6 — You are holy unto God. This means He has sanctified you, He has set you apart for His use. It doesn’t matter what others think or say about you.
  3. Luke 19:40 — if we don’t fulfill God’s call on our lives, He will find someone or something else to do it. We are His hands and feet in this world.

You are important. You are unique. You are called and gifted by God, and nobody–do you hear me? Nobody can say anything different that would be true.

Leave a comment about the promises God has made to you, for a chance to win a free copy of the first book in my mystery series, No Accounting for Murder.

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Leeann Betts writes stories to brighten your day. She writes all sorts of stories, because stories take many different forms. Poetry, short stories, novellas, full-length novels — you name it, she’s probably written it. While she doesn’t hold any degrees in writing, English, or literature, she has written enough books to fill an 18-wheeler, at least by her own estimate. Leeann is proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Agency. Some days, Terrie believes in Leeann more than Leeann believes in herself, and inspires her to persevere, to make the story better, better, better!

livingbygracepic.jpLet’s talk about this! Can you relate with Leeann’s post, and if so, how? Did Leeann’s post encourage you, and if so how? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below or at Living by Grace on Facebook.


One thought on “Do You Feel Invisible?

  1. As a season of turmoil began in my life, God promised I would have joy. I can say that in the midst of this turmoil He brought me many moments of joy and happiness, along with a fresh knowledge of His presence in my life.

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