The Call to Write

Do you have a passion? A calling from the Lord, maybe?

Sometimes I have a hard time following through with my calling. Distractions can get in the way, procrastination, even pressure from yourself and your own expectations.

Whether you’re a writer or your calling and passion lies elsewhere, I think you’ll find encouragement from today’s guest. I know I did.

But first…give-away alert! Donna is giving away a copy of Second Chances and Second Cups, a collection of short stories about second chances from a second-chance God. To enter, leave a comment about your calling from the Lord.

The Call to Write by Donna Schlachter

I guess I’ve always liked to write. I recall in second grade telling my teacher that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. She told me that to be a good writer, I needed to read a lot. library-108544_640And I did, and still do. As a kid, I’d ride my bicycle to the library on Saturday and get the limit: 10 books. Once I’d read all the books in the children’s section that caught my fancy, I wanted to read what was in the adult section (no tweens or YA in those days). But the librarian was concerned. And so she should be. So we arranged that I would choose the books and let her approve them.

As an adult reader who also writes, sometimes I struggled with sitting down at the computer and putting words on the page. I doubted whether anybody wanted to read my stories. I hoped lives would be changed when they read what I wrote, but was I being prideful? Putting too much pressure on myself? Did it have to be perfect? And once written, then what?

As I sat in front of a blank computer screen one day, I did what I should have been doing all along: I prayed. Lord, help me write what You want me to write.

And God spoke to my heart: Let Me dictate the story and you transcribe it.

writing-828911_640That was the answer I needed. No more pressure on me to come up with plot lines or witty dialogue. No more stress about did it have to be perfect or would lives be changed.

Because I came to understand some things about my writing that I’ve been able to translate into my faith walk:

  • God is giving me a brand new story that’s never been heard by anybody before. For me.
  • So long as He is in control, the story will be perfect. It’s only when I get in the way that problems occur.
  • Hearing His story has taught me to listen well.
  • Knowing this story is first and foremost for me has relieved the stress of who would want to read my stories. I do.
  • If I’m not changed by the story, nobody else will be, either. The change must start in me.

Each time I sit to write, I pray: Lord, please dictate the story and let me transcribe it. Thank you for the opportunity to hear this story for the first time.


IMG_6534  Juggling the books -midsizeDonna Schlachter pens historical suspense while her alter ego, Leeann Betts, writes
contemporary suspense. Donna’s recent release is Second Chances and Second Cups, a collection of short stories about a God of second chances;, and Leeann’s recent releases include: No Accounting for Murder and There was a Crooked Man, books 1 and 2 in her new mystery series; Counting the Days: a 31-day devotional for accountants, bookkeepers, and financial folk; and Nuggets of Writing Gold: a compilation of essays and articles on the writing life which she co-wrote with Donna.  All books are available on and


Let’s talk about this. Do you have a passion? What about a calling? What is God asking you to pursue? Is anything keeping you from pursuing your calling? What are you doing to overcome those struggles? Share your thoughts here in the comments below or at Living by Grace on Facebook, because we can all learn from each other.


4 thoughts on “The Call to Write

  1. And every calling is special and unique. God uses our combination of gifts, talents, life experience, and passions so we can minister in unique situations. There are people I will never reach, but you might because you have something they can relate to. There are so many creative ways to help others. Readers: how have you used your unique calling to reach another for Christ?

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