Fully Alive Conference

(Same conference, different dates and locations)

From Merely Surviving to Thriving

April 5-7, Calvary Christian Community, Lincoln (details pending)

April 26-28, Wildewood Women’s Retreat (off-site location: Firth, Nebraska, details pending)

Contact me at jslattery(at)whollyloved(dot)com to schedule a Wholly Loved event, or find out more HERE.

Becoming His Princess: Finding Our Identity and Confidence in Christ and Learning to Rest in Grace

Wildewood Christian Tuesday Night Bible Study

Jan. 15-March 5th (with Feb. 12th off)

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Jennifer will be presenting and filming Wholly Loved’s 7-week Bible study on the life of Sarah from the Old Testament Scriptures. Contact her HERE to learn more, to attend, to host your own Wholly Loved Bible study, or to learn about other upcoming Bible study options held at other Omaha area churches.

MOPS Trinity Lutheran

Topic: Stepping Out in Faith-filled Surrender

Date: January 9th

Time: 9:15-11:15

Thrive, Christ Community Church

Topic: Breakout session–Living Loved

Feb. 22-23 (Details pending)

MOPS, Freemont

Topic: Finding Life Through Surrender

Date: April 5

Time: 9-11

Speak Up Conference

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Date: July 11-13

Topic: Growing as a Speaker

This class is geared toward beginners—those who are just beginning to consider speaking to those who have gained some bookings and would like to grow. Students will learn how to create engaging keynotes that encourage future bookings, how to present in a way that captivates the audience, how to create and work with street teams and why they’re important, and how to get bookings.

Find out more and register HERE.


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