Beautiful Mess Mother-Daughter Conference

Join Jennifer and her team for a life-changing and life-giving event that equips us all to invest in one of our most cherished, at times confusing and stressful, yet vital relationships.

Moms and daughters of all ages long heal or deepen their bonds with one another and to love one another well. Wholly Loved Ministries wants to help!

The Beautiful Mess Mother-Daughter event

For moms & daughters aged 13-80+

Online, April 16th-17th. (Register HERE.)

A place for moms & daughters near & far to connect, engage, & learn to love one another with grace, intention, & from a secure identity in Christ.

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Through personal anecdotes, biblical truths, and thought-provoking discussion questions, this event equips moms and daughters to cultivate the depth of relationship their hearts crave. The relationship God Himself wants them to experience.

Loving With Grace

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Grace provides the emotional cushion we need to heal and thrive individually and relationally. In Christ, we’re accepted despite our greatest weakness and worst failures. The more we understand and learn to live in this truth, the better we’re able to give and receive God’s perfect love. In this brief presentation, author and speaker Jennifer Slattery shares how her failings deeply wounded her daughter and how God’s grace brought increased healing to them individually and relationally.

Session Two:

What if we could actively build relational trust and reach the heart before disagreements become walls between us? Experts say most of us equate feeling heard to being loved, yet many of us struggle to truly listen well. In our rushed, opinionated, and disconnected world, many of us feel unheard, unvalued, and unseen. This is so contrary to God’s desire. Our God “searches and knows” each of us and invites us to love one another as He loves. In this presentation, counselor Stefanie Rowe guides moms and daughters to listen with empathy and patience.

Session Three:

Living as God’s deeply loved child enables us to interact with others from a place of security. This reduces the fears that often cause us to compete, compare, or perform. We’re able to interact with others in a more compassionate and empathetic way, because we don’t feel threatened. When we base our identity on our achievements, status, or the opinions of others, relationship-damaging insecurities form. God never intended for us to live in defeat, discouragement, and insecurity. In this presentation, abuse survivor Robrenna Redl helps moms and daughters view themselves as confident, deeply loved daughters of Christ.

Session Four:

God Himself built the need for connection into us women. That need can provide great reward and emotional intimacy, but to experience this we’ll need to risk being misunderstood and rejected. Our weaknesses, brokenness, and sinful nature can lead to unintended areas of  dysfunction. In this presentation, Shellie Arnold shares how Christ handled a deep relational hurt and reconciliation with one of His disciples.

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  • Small group discussions
  • An easy to follow mosaic art activity
  • Reflective time
  • After parties
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