I was going to post an article about donning our investigative hats in a relentless search for truth, but as the day progressed and my prayer list grew, I began to realize the deep pain surrounding me. I’ve heard it said that we’re all walking wounded. Oh, how true that is. Life hurts. People disappoint, expectations fizzle and no matter how hard we try to keep everything together, the threads unravel while still in our grip. And yet, instead of tossing our ropes to the Craftsman, we cling all the tighter, adding knot after tangled knot until it all becomes a mess at our feet. And for me, someone who’s been plucked from the heat, it’s hard to understand why we cling so tightly. Perhaps its fear of the unknown. Maybe its pride. Perhaps its a muddle of  confusion clouding our heads and hearts, preventing us from seeing those hands reaching down for us.

“I came that you might have life and have it to the full.” Jesus, John 10:10

Are we living life, really living? Or are we merely holding on?

This Is Your Life. Are you who you want to be?