No one enjoys hard lessons, and yet, they seem to be my most certain routes to growth. In fact, my greatest healing, steps toward freedom, and perspective shifts have occurred during my most challenging and uncertain periods. I suspect most of us could say the same. When the false securities we cling to turn shaky, we’re invited to plant my feet in the only One who’s steady and sure. As my guest today shares in the post below, sometimes destructive storms can have beautiful results.

The 2am Wake Up Call

By Meredith Kendall

It took a major storm for God to rightly shift my focus and priorities. It’d been raining all day and wasn’t supposed to let up anytime soon. The news reports indicated that the worst of the storm, including the threat of tornadoes, would hit around 2am. We knew a good night’s sleep wasn’t in our future primarily because we  had a little stream in our backyard. That night, that creekbed turned into a raging sea. 

The water remained inside its banks, but was rushing so rapidly that nothing in its way had a chance of survival. Once satisfied it would be okay, we set the alarm for 2am. But I felt unsettled, so I went upstairs, grabbed all three girls, put their sleeping bags on the floor in the family room, and kissed them goodnight.

I woke with a startle. The light on the alarm clock was flashing. The power had gone out. My cell phone read 2am. rain seen through the window on a dark, stormy nightWanting to check on things, I rolled over, put my feet on the floor. “Squish.” My toes hit soaked carpet. All I thought of was my girls laying in a pool of water. Yelling at my husband to wake up, I rushed to the family room to get to the girls. They were safe. The water reached just to the edge of their sleeping bags.

I’m not sure where my sense came from, but I didn’t attempt to open the door. Instead I went upstairs to the landing. Knowing water inside meant the creek had crested, I grabbed the keys to our vehicles and bolted outside.  As I backed the last automobile to safety, the water let loose and soon stood three feet against the back of the house.

Standing in the rain, I started to calculate all the damage we’d accrue. When the storm was done, I’d be left picking up the pieces.

Yes, you read this right. I made this mess all about me. My loss. My inconvenience. My inability to comprehend why God had allowed this to happen to me. Then I remembered a verse I’d memorized recently during a financial class.

Matthew 6:24 says, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (ESV).

This forced me to ask, who and what was I serving? I may have told you God, but my lifestyle and actions indicated otherwise.

What if you were to honestly answer the same question?

If God took everything away from you, would you still serve Him? What can you do today to

center your heart more deeply in Him?

Get to Know Meredith! 

Meredith Kendall is a change agent, driven by her God-given passion to equip struggling families to achieve their unique God-given potential.

As a nationally recognized sales leader, Meredith Kendall learned how to build bridges and make connections with the heart of what people need. God called her to co-found Advancing the Gospel which serves those who are often forgotten. Today she uses her gifting’s to help people understand the root causes of their struggles and find freedom through Christ.

Her upcoming book My GiGi’s House: Finding Hope will be released October 2019. Visit her online at and her personal website

image of a girl with worship quote pulled from text

Most of us can sing “loud and proud” as my husband would call it, during worship service, but if, according to Romans 12:1, our life–how we live and love–reveals presents our true and most meaningful worship to Jesus, and, I’d add, a proclamation hymn to a watching world, than how beautifully tuned is the music we play? Are there areas that, perhaps, throw the entire melody off?

Today’s guest, a music and Jesus lover, shares a thought-provoking analogy that will have us all cranking up the volume.

How Beautifully “tuned” is the Music of Your Life

By Amber Schamel

Picture of a piano
Image by Markus Gjengaar on unsplash

Does God like sour notes any more than we do? Imagine your favorite song being played by a talented musician when all of a sudden, they just start banging on the instrument and making a ruckus. How annoyed would you be? Imagine if the music our lives played created the same type of sound.

I’m a music lover. I have a beautiful piano that sits in our living room, and very few things bring me as much joy as sitting down to play for an hour. Best of all, I love to play all by myself when it’s just me and God and my piano.

Lately, something irked me. The D in the middle. When I attempt to play a song, that key malfunctions, and it makes playing a full song difficult. I’ll be in the middle of a powerful stanza, and that one note misses, leaving a hole in the music. Oh, the irritation! And it has only been a couple months since the piano was tuned.

The other evening in church, I was musing about this stubborn key as the pastor unknowingly drew aImage of someone playing a keyboard with pull quote text parallel. He spoke about how every part of our lives need to be in tune with the Bible, God’s Word. If one part is out of line, it throws everything off. How true that is! Like my piano, if my personal life is in line, but my family relationships are “sticky, the music of my life is “off key”. My behavior may be exemplary, but if my prayer life is stagnant or sporadic, my song won’t be complete. A note is missing somewhere.

I must continually ask myself, is my life in tune with my Savior? Are there any “sticky” places that I need Him to help me to work out? The Master conductor has made His Handbook, the Bible, available so I can make sure my every note is perfectly on key.


Let’s talk about this! What resonated most with you in today’s post? Probably the area I most need to grow in is my prayer life, which I’m ashamed to admit considering that should be the place I excel! Jesus died to remove the barriers between myself and God so that I could have a close, personal relationship with Him, and yet I take that for granted. Sigh. What about you? What area of your life tends to be the first to get “out of tune”? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, because we can all learn from and encourage each other!

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Author photo of Amber Get to know Amber!

Amber Schamel writes riveting stories that bring HIStory to life. She has a passion for history, books and her Savior. This combination results in what her readers call “historical fiction at its finest”. A homeschool graduate from a family of 12 children, Amber found her calling early in life. First published at age 21, she has continued to hone her craft and has been awarded the Christian Indie Award in Historical Fiction twice. Between ministry, family and working in their family-owned businesses, Amber loves to connect with readers and hang out on Goodreads with other bookish peoples. Find her on the Stitches Thru Time blog, or on any of the major social media sites. Amber is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Visit her online at and download a FREE story by subscribing to her Newsletter!

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It’s easy to fall into rote behaviors. To pray without thinking; to worship half-heartedly with our mouth singing one thing while our mind jumps to every task awaiting us. To read Scripture without personalizing and digesting the precious, intimate, life-changing Words of God.

It happens every year, it seems. Actually, more like every month, but admitting such would be far too self-disclosing. Somehow, my to-do list begins to grow, tugging at my heart, my mind, my worship. And when that happens, I’m left with two choices: keep going as if busyness is somehow normal and desirable, as if it’s perfectly okay to allow the temporal to crowd out the eternal–to keep me from the One person, the only One, who can strengthen, nourish, refresh, and fulfill me. Or I can stop! And make a conscious choice to slow down.

King David’s words to his son, right before assigning him a monumental task that would take decades to complete, really resonated with me this morning.

“…learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve Him with your whole heart and a willing mind. For the Lord sees every heart and knows every plan and thought. If you seek Him, you will find Him” (1 Chron. 28:9 NLT).

Learn to know God intimately.

Worship and serve Him with [my] whole heart. An undivided heart. A focused and surrendered heart. And a willing mind, AbideVersejpg-photopublicdomainwhich means, I need to surrender my mind, and all those lists and agendas that run through it in a given day, to the lover of my soul. If I do that, if I intentionally seek Him, I will find Him.

Today, I need to unplug. Slow down. Rest and connect. And I plan to intentionally fill that need. This morning my sweet hubby and I are going to a lavender farm not too far from us, so we can enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, a creation that naturally draws the heart to the Creator. We’ll listen to praise music. Pray. And simply rest.

What about you? When was the last time you set your to-do list aside and simply slowed down? What are some ways, when your heart and mind feel pulled in a thousand directions, that you still it and center it in worship?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and have a happy, restful, worshipful weekend!