When the walls fall down

I think God has a direct line to my email account because every day I receive a message that draws my heart to Him and reminds me afresh of His goodness. This morning I was reading a message from a dear friend who’s helping me write an article on prayer and as I read through her testimony, I was reminded once again of God’s grace, and power. And my total powerlessness. It’s funny, I spend so much time constructing what I believe to be impenetrable walls around our daughter, anticipating every “what if” scenario so that I can take steps to avoid them. And yet, deep in my gut reality nibbles at my false sense of peace, reminding me how unpredictable and uncertain life can be. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, life happens. But when man-made walls crumble at my feet, one thing remains–the protective, loving hands of my heavenly Father. And those hands are much stronger, and more permanent, than any walls I could construct.

Our daughter is reaching a difficult age, an age where my husband and I must release the reigns a little to allow her to grow. And although I would love to insert a “rational-decision making” computer chip into her  brain, I realize that experience is the best teacher and like it or not, she’s going to make mistakes. But I also know that the God who created  her, who gently guides her and who loves her even more than I do, will catch her when she falls.


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