Terry Palmer’s “Creative Writing”

Terry Palmer, author and Reflections In Hindsight Columnist sent me this via email in response to my previous post (scroll down) on turning a picture into a story. Here was the picture:

The assignment was to use this picture to either generate a scene, partial scene or story back ground.
Here’s how Terry’s imagination interpreted this photo:
“Children!  Quick, turn your heads and don’t peak!”  They knew what was in the upcoming wagon and didn’t hesitate to turn away in sadness.  The third death wagon of the week ground its way through the filth of the camp.  She knew what brought her family to this camp but wondered what tales of woe held these people; held them here until the wagon took them out.  What would the toll be today?  More innocent children?  Her gaze carried past the slow moving wagon, past the awful machines, out to a grassy meadow on the far edge of camp.  That was the place for her children.  Oh, to be free to escape and take them to run and play in the soft grass and sunshine.  Memories of a simple and clean home life sprang to her thoughts.  Her thoughts.  They kept her holding to a form of sanity and propriety.  She knew what happened to the women who surrendered to the filth.  She knew the haunted eyes and ravished bodies.  Suddenly her view of sunshine clouded over as the smelly form of the camp boss closed in upon her place of refuge –

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