Remaining Under God’s Cloud Cover

You’re probably getting tired of all the detours I keep sending you on, but I’m still recovering from the flu. I really need to start getting the flu shot. This bug hits me hard every year. Anyway, I wrote a devotional for Granola Bar Devotions on remaining under God’s Cloud Cover, so I’m going to send you over there. But I wanted to introduce you to this site anyway. It’s filled with great devotions.

So here you go. Hop on over to Granola Bar Devotions.

And hopefully I’ll be back to my perky old self tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest.


  1. Yes, I hope you feel better, too. We’ve all been sick here around my house. Just hope we’re better in time for our monthly ACFW meeting this week. Are you coming (assuming you are better by then)?

    1. Oh, no! I hope you are getting better, and I hope the baby has not caught anything. Good, then I didn’t miss the meeting. I was worried it was last Saturday. I am actually feeling much better and am no longer contagious. Is it next Saturday? And is it at the same place?

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