Decade Old Newly Weds (Is that Possible?)

This morning as I drove to meet my mentor, KLOVE radio shared a story of a homeless man who had been given a second chance. I imagine you’ve heard this story by now as it’s circulated the web and airwaves quite a bit, but one thing that hit me was that it was his ex-wife who prayed for him first. That reminded me how powerful marriage is. The Bible tells us spouses become one when they wed–like two slips of paper glued together. Or perhaps more accurately, like threads of yarn tightly woven. You can rip the couple apart, or unwind the threads, but neither paper nor thread will ever be the same again. The torn paper will be shredded and the strands of yarn frayed and stretched. In most cases, (I don’t have the wisdom or knowledge to address marital unfaithfulness, abuse or addiction) it is far easier to do what it takes to make a marriage work then deal with the stress, pain and long-term consequences of divorce.

Often, it is easier to build on the good until the good overshadows the bad, then it is to chase fires, if that makes sense. This month on reflections, we’re going to build on the good, the lovely, and the praiseworthy. We’re going to shower our spouses with affection, focus on their positive traits and ways to build, encourage and affirm them. I invite you to join us.

Stop for a moment and think back to your first date with your spouse. Relive the moment when he/she first said, “I love you,” and visualize the love in his/her eyes when marriage was first discussed.

Often you can spot newly weds in a crowd. They’re the ones that steal glances at one another, bright smiles on their faces. They hold hands and giggle…alot.

But if we’re not careful, time, the stress of life and the pitter-patter of feet running in a million different directions saps the giggly, lovey-dovey, googly-eyed  romance out of our marriage–if we let it.

Today on Reflections we’re taking steps to rekindle that flickering flame.

And, join me on Rose McCauley’s blog as I talk about Clash of the Titles and why I’m so passionate about Christian fiction.

Then, come back Monday to hear how God used one of my friends to touch a hurting woman with His love.

In the meantime, be loved, be blessed, and as you listen to this, never forget, God is the God of second chances and every day is a chance for each of us to begin again. And for those of you who’ve prayed for loved ones so long, you’re discouraged and tired, don’t give up! God’s working, even now, even when you can’t see His hand.


  1. Thanks for the encouraging reminder….I have been amazed at the benefits of being intentionally thankful to my husband for the things he does for me…for our family…for others. Seems like such a ‘little’ thing….yet it does remind me of the things I first loved and admired about him…and how The Lord continues to use him in my life, the lives of our daughters and their families, in his ministry as well.

  2. Sandy, and all the ways you encourage and challenge me keep coming out in my blog. grin. Thanks for continually pointing me back to Christ and showing me how to live each day in fellowship with him!

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