The Campaign Begins!

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Today begins the ten day Mary Kay Make-over charity contest. Join me for some fun, perhaps a few giggles, and maybe even an inspiring devo or two. Remember, it’s for a great cause! Plus, ALL voters receive a $10 Mary Kay gift card, courtesy of Sharyline Cochran.

Today I’m on two blogs: Reflections in Hindsight and author Margaret Daley’s.

I’ve never been a fan of headshots, and my camera-phobia has only increased with age. Obviously, I didn’t celebrate the invention of the unforgiving telephoto lens. It only deepens my brow lines, accentuates my crows feet, and zeroes in on those unsightly sunspots that multiply like measles. (Clearly it was invented by a man.) Nor did I praise my husband when he brought one such camera home. I tried to talk him into buying a different one—one that sort of muted the image, but he didn’t listen. Go figure. (Read more here, then follow the link to vote.)


When I was in sixth grade, I had this obsession with nail polish. Each night, I’d paint my nails a different color—blue, green, pink, purple. I had a wide assortment to choose from, and I’d always add decorations. Polka dots were my favorite. Then, the next morning I’d select an outfit to match. Now that I have a teen, I’ve come to wonder if this nail polish obsession is a right of passage. J That and hot-irons, oodles of jewelry, odd colored mascara …. (Read the rest here, and follow the link to vote.)

Remember, you can vote up to five times a day, and be sure to invite your friends, share these links on FB, and tweet them.

Thanks all for your support!


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