Popular Presentations

Jennifer enjoys speaking to audiences of all sizes and ages. Though she often speaks on topics and themes assigned by ministry leaders, some prefer to select one of her previously given presentations. Here are some of her most popular keynote topics:

Popular Presentations:

Vibrantly Alive in Christ (a 3-Part Presentation):

Part one: Recognizing false ways we try to fill our souls and the ways they defeat and deplete us.

Part two: Trusting Christ with our schedules and choosing what is precious over what is perfect.

Part three: Living led and empowered by the Holy Spirit

Breaking Free From Fear (a 3-Part Presentation):

On the night before His death, knowing the persecution His disciples would soon experience and their monumental assignment to launch the church, He told them, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27). Through these words, He wasn’t discounting their emotions or condemning them for them. Instead, He was encouraging them to diligently fight their fears with faith, because He knew grabbing hold of His peace wouldn’t be easy.

In this three-part presentation, Jennifer inspires women to live in Christ’s victory, engage in practical self-care tools that can actively rewire their brains, to recognize the spiritual battle that attempts to pull us into mental and emotional chaos, respond strategically, and to live supernaturally empowered by Christ.

How God’s Love Makes Us Whole

Do you remember when you were middle school, and it felt like everyone belonged but you? Maybe, at times, that’s how you feel now. As if everyone else was happy, while you battle anxiety and depression. As if their life, and all their relationships were going so well while yours seem filled with tension. We all feel that way at times. But it’s how we respond to those hard seasons, to conflict, and difficult encounters that either lead us to greater joy, peace, connectedness and freedom or insecurity, hurt, woundedness and fear. Will we pursue Jesus in our moments of praise and pain, of peace, and conflict? Will we yield to Him however He leads, knowing His promise of a beyond expectations life wasn’t just hyperbole. It was a gift for which He gave His life.

Living Wholly Loved:

Scripture tells us again and again that we’re deeply and wholly loved apart from what we do or don’t do. Yet many of us live as if we’re orphans—as if we’re forced to navigate a harsh world alone and as if the outcome of our lives are entirely up to us. For decades, this is precisely how Jennifer behaved. She felt unlovable in her core, and this false identity negatively affected her behavior and tainted her perceptions. She found healing, clarity, and freedom when we learned to rest deeply in God’s love and grace and allowed Him, and not her past or her current weaknesses to define her.

Living on Purpose With Purpose:

We all long to live significant lives of impact. God hard-wired that need deep within our hearts before we took our first breath. But so often, we seek to fill that drive with so many insufficient things, leaving us bouncing from one achievement or goal to the next. We also tend to entangle our value, identity, and purpose, leaving us confused and defeated. Christ wants to help us reclaim our identity, which can only be found in Him, recognize our our priceless value, and live out a purpose that not only endures through every season but fills us with a passion and joy no job loss or trial can extinguish.

Developing a Victory Mindset:

If we belong to Christ, Scripture tells us we have the power of the risen Savior residing with in. God has given us everything we need to live victoriously. His role is to empower and equip; ours is to listen, learn, grow and obey.

God’s Beautiful Mosaics–Allowing God to Mold Our Broken Pieces Into Radiant Works of Art:

We all long to be known deeply and loved completely, to know we’re treasured and accepted despite our flaws and brokenness. In Christ, we have that. It’s easy to allow our past, our imperfections, and our brokenness to emotionally and mentally defeat us. But God calls us His masterpieces. (Eph. 2:10) He knows everything about us–our selfishness, brokenness, and all those things we try so desperately to hide, but He also knows what we can become, if we’d but surrender to His artistic hand. In this three-part presentation, Jennifer encourages women to live in the beauty of grace, because that’s when our radiance shines.

Part one: Recognizing the masterpiece within

Part two: Surrendering to the Artist’s hands

Part three: Living on display

Fighting Anxiety So Peace Can Rule:

Jennifer understands anxiety. Having long battled one of the most debilitating forms of anxiety–obsessive compulsive disorder–she knows that skin-prickling, stomach-knotting, insomnia-producing sensation that comes when one’s thoughts won’t stop spiraling. In desperation, she’s cried out for relief and diligently searched the Scriptures, and in doing so, she’s discovered biblical tools that point to freedom and relief. In this 30-45 minute presentation, she digs deep into passages like Colossians 3 and Philippians 4, sharing her struggles and God-given triumphs with transparency that encourages, inspires, and empowers women to take active, progressive, and continual steps to overcome anxiety so God’s peace can rule.

Christmas Brunch Topic: Finding Calm in the Crazy:

Christmas seems to come sooner each year, and the pressure to do-do-do can be enormous. But if we’re not careful, our efforts to make everything perfect can steal our joy and peace. In this 30 minute, humorous presentation, Jennifer uses life examples and a look at the life of biblical characters who’ve been on the crazy and calm side of life to share insight on how women can find calm in the crazy.

Making Meaningful Connections in an Overbooked, Impersonal World:

Women are lonely. We long for close connections, crave them–were made for them, but often struggle forming deep and lasting relationships. Even the most seemingly confident and put-together woman feels isolated, excluded, alone, and inadequate. There are three key reasons most women have difficulty in this area. In this 30 minute humorous yet poignant presentation, Jennifer shares examples from her life and biblical characters who lived in isolation and community to present simple yet effective tools women can use to form deep and lasting friendships.

The Making of a Writer:

If you have a passion to write, God lit that spark within you, and He knows exactly what lays ahead. In fact, He’s fully committed to perfecting all that concerns you. In this 50 minute presentation, Jennifer talks about the ups, downs, and turn-arounds in the writer’s journey and why every step is designed, by Christ, to bring out the writer’s best and lead them on the path God Himself mapped out for them.

Living Out Your Call:

If we belong to Christ, we’re chosen and called to greatness. God has entrusted us with the most precious, most powerful words known to man–the gospel. At this moment, God is equipping, molding, stretching, and guiding us so He can use us to create ripples of love, peace, joy, and hope. The question is, are we complying? In this 45 minute presentation Jennifer shares the ways God grows us to fill our call and how we can cooperate with Him for maximum eternal impact.

Living as the Light of the World:

God has called us to be instruments of light and life. To courageously seek out the lost, broken, and dying, and to radiate God’s love and grace wherever we go. When confronted with the darkness all around us, it’s easy to self-protect and attempt to love from a distance. But just as a flashlight shines brightest in a darkened room, so God’s love radiates in and through us when we allow Him to lead us into areas enslaved by darkness so that, through us, He can expel every shadow with light.

Diamonds: Living as Daughters of the King:

We are cherished, redeemed women of grace, treasures to Christ and meant to shine with His brilliance. But so often, we allow past wounds, regrets, shame, and negative thinking to hold us back, hinder our joy, and distort the radiant glow from within. In this 30 minute presentation, I remind women of who they are in Christ, how He views them, and how He’s molding them to shine, unhindered, for His glory. Using personal stories and the analogy of diamonds, I encourage women to strip off the false labels they’ve accepted and to rest in who they are in Christ, allowing Him to shine, unhindered, through them.

A Broken Marriage Transformed:

Our marriage, which had started with roses, candy, long slow dances, and silly golf dates, had quickly turned into a battle ground. Fight after fight we tore each other to shreds, until one day, my husband said the unthinkable: I don’t love you. I went numb as a visceral response shuddered through my shocked frame.

Could our marriage survive without love? Could anything undo the mess we’d created?

Yes. Christ could and did, and He longs to do the same for you.

A Heart to Receive: 

This powerful monologue of the Samaritan woman followed by a discussion of God’s healing love experienced through Christ-centered community will encourage women of all pasts, fears, and circumstances to experience God’s love for them through the fellowship of a close body of believers.

Refocusing: Aligning Our Lives and Schedules With Christ:

We live in a culture that often tells us our best is not enough; that we’re not enough. We’re taught from early on to strive for more—to do more, be more, and have more titles and achievements behind our names. Many of us feel enslaved to our agendas. But God never intended for us to live stressed, perpetually busy, and overwhelmed with life. His goal is not to deplete us but instead to fill us with life overflowing. If we have more to do than time to do it in, chances are we’ve taken on assignments He never intended.

God’s call is simple—to love Him and others and orient our time around those two goals. And in that, to move from striving to surrender. To rest. Looking at various ways God develops and uses His love within us, Christa encourages women to evaluate their lives with a grace-centered lens, prayerfully determining what to embrace fully and what to release, and helps women see God’s hand in whatever season of life they find themselves in.