If you squirm with anxiety while someone other than yourself is driving, you may be challenged by letting go of control. It’s a common issue that typically manifests in all aspects of your life, not just the car. That had certainly been the case for me, but God in His infinite wisdom had other plans. And while He got my attention in dramatic fashion, sometimes we need to be shaken to regain our focus. Thanks to His mercy, I’m able to share the lesson He imparted.

 As a former New Yorker, I’ve grown accustomed to many of New Zealand’s unique traffic patterns. Roundabouts, river fords, and giving way to vehicles on the right are just a few. Yet, while touring the back country roads of the South Island, I learned about a different situation that can catch a newcomer off guard. It’s called a “One Lane Bridge”.

This was unceremoniously revealed to me with the whole family in the car. Traffic was moving well in both directions, but seemed to merge into a narrow gravel path rather abruptly. In full disclosure, this transition was preceded by a small sign. Only, in my inexperience, I passed by too quickly to read it. This was not ideal, as it would have alerted me of the impending danger.  Two arrows pointed toward each other to signify the potential for oncoming vehicles. I was supposed to slow down, look for approaching cars, and yield to give way to them.

Instead, I just came barreling down the road with a haphazard dust cloud following behind. My wife and Kiwi co-passenger recognized the imminent doom and shouted to stop me just in time. As I sat there in embarrassment, drivers with the right of way passed by and flashed a quick wave. My hands were still gripping the wheel too tightly to respond. They didn’t realize how different things could have been If I was driving alone that day. This incident of course begged the question; how many other critical signs have I missed? Not just on the road, but on my walk with God. Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar in your journey.

God has already provided the ultimate map to salvation, and His name is Jesus. While we were making all those wrong turns, He was right there with us. Some of the roads we traveled may have even led to dark and painful places. In looking at His promises in the Bible though, you can see the trail of once-overlooked signs. We all veer off course on occasion, but Scripture provides guardrails for those willing to obey. The route was carefully designed to lead us back to Him. It’s now time to let Jesus take control of the wheel. The destination is eternal life, and He is the only way to get there. 

Key Thought: The road that leads to Jesus will be bumpy, and even uncomfortable at times. There may be moments when you want to turn back and find your own way. Yet, as the shepherd of our hearts, Jesus will stop at nothing to build a relationship with you. Opening the door to let Him in is a good first step. Yet, if you’re searching for lasting peace, you’ll need to move over and let Jesus drive.

Get to Know Chris Corradino

In studying God’s Word, Chris learns more about himself and the world around him. From the profound love of Jesus to the redemptive power of His mercy and grace, Chris writes to express the vast beauty of God’s kingdom. Though his journey began as a personal one, Chris is honored to share his work with a worldwide audience. His new book Finding Joy in Every Season: 60 Men’s Devotionals for Winning with Jesus is set to be published with Ambassador International. 

While genuinely pleased by these accomplishments, perhaps Chris’ greatest joy comes from encouraging others to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Whether in a sermon, or written text, Chris’ words are a testimony to what God has done in his life, and what He can do for others as well. 

About the Book:

Christian men want to lead their families, build careers, get involved in their children’s lives, be loving husbands, and also grow their relationship with Jesus.

Despite these good intentions, statistics show the reality of what’s actually happening. Men are ending their own lives with staggering frequency. This trend is not unique to the United States as it’s unfortunately grown into a global epidemic. 

Put simply, men are desperate for help and the tired advice to “man up” is proving deadly.

Finding Joy In Every Season: 60 Men’s Devotionals for Winning with Jesus challenges us to lay our weapons down as Jesus has already claimed victory. All the muscles in the world can’t soothe the hurt we carry inside. While it sounds counterintuitive, true strength starts with embracing our weaknesses.   

With fresh biblical insight presented in a conversational style, readers will find new ways to apply God’s word to their own lives.

Experiencing God's Presence This Christmas (Luke 1:28) Your Daily Bible Verse

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