I joined American Christian Fiction Writers a month ago (wow, how time flies) and already I feel like I am part of  a giant, encouraging family. My writing has improved triple-fold and interacting with other dedicated and passionate writers motivated me to complete my current novel in just over two months. (Although the editing process will not be so “flowing”.) And now, having received such blessing via online interaction, classes and critique groups (just a few of the benefits of being part of ACFW) I can hardly wait for the ACFW conference!

This years ACFW Writers’ Conference is a “must attend” event. Held in Indianapolis, Indiana, writers, editors and agents across the nation will meet to learn, fellowship and encourage one another. The classes and workshops offered are phenomenal. A quick glance at the schedule tells me I need to prayerfully make a list of “must take” classes that way I can utilize every minute available. Needless to say, I don’t anticipate a wasted moment. I know I want to attend Dr. Dennis Hensley’s class on symbolism and I have a feeling Jenny B. Jone’s class on using humor in fiction will be a hoot. Everyone can use a few guffaws now and then, right? For new authors, Tracie and Jim Peterson will be teaching the basics of fiction writing and more advanced writers can learn how to move your readers from laughter to tears then back to laughter again. But even more than having my brain fed, I’m looking forward to the spiritual fulfillment I know I’ll receive at the ACFW conference. I can’t wait to spend time with other authors who have given their lives, and keyboards, to the cause of Christ.

Writing can be a very lonely endeavor, if you let it. Spending hours locked away in an office while your fingers pound away on a keyboard doesn’t form close relationships…unless you know where to look. ACFW has allowed me to interact daily with incredibly strong Christians, all from the comfort of my computer. There is something very encouraging about talking with someone who shares your passions, and your struggles. And this is what I look forward to most as I anticipate this year’s conference—the opportunity to get to know other authors better.

Wanna join me? Sign up now at http://www.acfw.com/conference