My dad, Rex Febus, sent this one via facebook. Again, the photo used is:

The assignment was to use this photo to create a scene, partial scene or story background. Here’s Rex Febus’ version:

oh that boy of mine. jest dont know what im gonna do wit im.

ever since his paw ran off after that fool fourth baby he gived me. he just been a handful. day and night

why just the other day he got himsef kicked out a that piggily wiggliy store.
the little scamp was watching “laurel and hardy” on jim bob’s dad’s picture box.
so he saw them picture box boys give each other a hot foot and then traipsed his self down to the store.
he seen this man over lookin the meat counter and like a snake in da grass he slithered on his belly up to the man’s foot. he stuck a match in the crack tween da sole and da shoe. then he lit it and then run off.
curious as a daggone cat he comes back and seed the man swatting his leg cause da pants ketched a fire.
the man grabbed him by the scruff of his neck cause he was laughin so bad and carted him off to the sto manager.

nows i gotsta whack him a good one or so. but these othere chilluns are weighin me down so i cant catch im. now i gonna have to get mysef down to da sto