My daughter just gave me this poem and I loved it so much I wanted to share it.

Your Life’s Book by Ashley Slattery

Your life is like an open book

For anyone who cares to look

The story of your life.

There it shall be

For all eyes to see

The story of your life

So now’s your chance

To take your stance

And with a heart-felt grin

Take up your pen

Write the story of your life

Now its your legacy

For the ones after you to see

Their turn to read

About who you came to be

The story of your life.

Our life story will live long after we are gone and although our past colors who we are, it does not define us. Unless we allow it to. The ending of our story, to a large extent, is up to us. And  the ultimate question is, will the world be a better place after having read it, or are we just tickling their ears?