Who is Alice Goddard and why is she stuck behind a white picket fence?

If you read my previous post about poor Alice peeking around dust-covered lace curtains, you’re probably wondering, “Who is this lady and why is she playing hide and seek from her neighbors?”

Alice Goddard, the main character of my next novel (currently entitled “Impossible Choices”, but I suspect this will change by the time I am done.) is your typical middle-class American housewife–who’s married to a drunken gambler. Only she doesn’t know her husband’s a gambler. She knows he’s a drunk, which is why she’s hiding–from her neighbors, from her friends. But not a ten thousand dollar drunk, which is what it would have taken to totally max out their credit cards and empty their bank accounts.  Must be a hacker, right? Someone got ahold of their personal information–like one of those identity thieves?

Keep thinking that, Alice…if only it were that easy.

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