No more masks

My first book was about a drug-addicted pregnant teenager, and the novel I’m currently working on is about an alcoholic gambler. I must be some depressed pessimist always looking for the downers in life, right? Wrong. I’m throwing off the masks and getting real. Putting it all out there–the good, the bad, the scandalous–because that’s life. Or maybe more accurately, that’s my life.

OK, so maybe I’m not a drunken teen (at thirty-five? Hilarious) or a habitual gambler (don’t have the patience for cards), but I’m certainly not one of those superhouse Christians who looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Hardly. My Christian life is more like a roller coaster ride full of joy one minute and deep pain the next. Not that I don’t love my Savior, because I do–with everything in me. But unfortunately, I’m a sinner to my core just struggling to hold on. Thanks be to God that His grace by far exceeds any good I could ever do on my own!

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