A Relentless Investigation

It’s easy to write about love, mercy, grace and protection, dancing on the edge of truth, sprinkling just enough to spark ones curiosity yet failing to speak the words of life. So many of us have forged our own views of reality, based on nothing more than what appeals to us. We’ll grab a little Buddha, sprinkle in some New Age philosophy, and top it off with Christian ethics. And so long as we are sincere, and no one gets hurt, we’re good to go. Until one day we stand in the great throne room of God and He asks us the only question that matters: What did you do with My Son.

Borrowing from Francis Chan, “When we face the holy God, “nice” isn’t what we will be concerned with, and it definitely isn’t what He will be thinking about. Any compliments you received on earth will be gone; all that will be left you is the truth.

The truth, not our version of reality, but reality as it is. Funny, we spend more time studying the stock market or the next political wave than we do searching out truth. It’s as if we expect spiritual answers to be handed to us. In our spiritual apathy, we readily adopt the popular view of the day, discarding it when a new, more appealing view comes along. Basically, we create a virtual world in our head consuming ourselves with things that will last but a moment without a second thought for those things of eternal significance.

A few Sunday’s ago our pastor told a story about a man who had crossed over from Mormonism to Christianity. Why? Not because he had thoroughly investigated Mormonism and found it to be false but because he had thoroughly investigated (like a single-minded detective who wouldn’t rest until he’d uncovered the truth) Christianity’s truth claims and found them to be true. Truth is the ultimate reality, and if we search for truth openly and honestly, not allowing our deceptive desires to sway our interpretations, we will find it. And if we seek God, honestly seek Him, we will find Him.

If you’re interesting in investigating, for yourself, this thing called Christianity, some great books to start with are:

Evidence New that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell

Testing Christianity’s Truth Claims

The Case For Christ by former atheist Lee Strobel

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

And to gain a better, and coherent, understanding of various other truth claims, The Universe Next Door is an excellent book and has been used in many university classrooms.

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