Kicking Off the Top 20 of 2010

Today’s going to be short and sweet because:

1) I’ve slammed enough posts on my subscribers over the past few days–which should have been a holiday. (But you know, if it spins through my head, it’s gotta come out eventually. Normally, sooner than later.)

2) It’s only Monday–7:30 am central time–and I’m already behind. lol

3) I don’t really have much to say, (wow, that’s a first!) but I do want to introduce you to my upcoming blog post challenge.

I’ve been on this intentional living kick for a while now, hopefully long enough to form new habits. With the new Year approaching, a fun idea started brewing. I wanted to close the year out with a bang to get us ready for a New Year–a year of change, intentionality, and continual forward progression as we walk hand-in-hand with our Savior.

So here’s the deal. During the month of December (starting tomorrow) I’m going to repost 20 of my favorite blog/devotions from 2010. These are not posts I’ve written, although you’re welcome to peruse my archives. These are articles written by others that have impacted, encouraged or challenged me in some way. Each day I invite you to share your thoughts. The top three article or devotion with the most comments, tweet, fb shares and “likes” will be announced, in descending order, on January 31st.

See you tomorrow!

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