Stretched to Dependence

Last October I shared my excitement for a door God opened, one I quickly jumped through. It was a stretching experience that forced me to rely on grace. But eventually the experience grew comfortable. Not that I stettled into apathy or mediacracy, but instead, I settled into my role. Only God never wants us to settle, does He? So, yep, He opened the door a bit wider, and once again, I stepped through, knowing if God didn’t hold my hand, guide my steps, and give me an extra dose of creativity, I’d fall flat on my face. Which, initially, was a great place to be.

It’s funny how feelings of inadequacy deepen our love for God because it is then that we draw closer than ever before.

Which is where I remained for about ten minutes, then my rational, git-er-done mentality kicked in and I started trudging forward in my own strength. Not a fun, or productive place to be.

To the onlooker, you probably couldn’t tell the difference. My schedule doesn’t change one way or the other. Instead, it is a mindset shift. One says, “I need to get this done or else…” The other says, “Lord, I’m going to give you the best of me and let You determine the outcome.”

Do you get the shift? One stresses me out and makes me think that it’s up to me. Which is really scary, considering how often I mess up. The other brings me peace and turns everything into an intimate journey with my Heavenly Father.

This post I happened upon today reminded me, yet again, to surrender my goals, expectations and yes, even my to-do list, to God. The post talks about seeking God’s will when we make decisions. I’d take it a step further–when I read the passage referenced I’m reminded to stay in God’s will–to stay vitally connected to Him, not just when I make the initial decision, but as I carry it out as well.

Enjoy, and be still. God’s got it all worked out. He’s not asking you to change the world. He’s not asking you to wow Him. All He wants is your surrendered obedience. He’ll take care of the rest.

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  1. This is SO TRUE! I am learning to “Be still and KNOW that He is God” – to write His answer as Marlene Bagnull teaches. Thanks for a great reminder.

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