Their Hearts Cry Out

Last night I helped out at an area youth rally ran by the Fellowship Christian Athletes. Sweaty, giggling, bouncing teens swarmed the halls, filled the auditorium, and clamored around the concession stand, while others, faces hard with scowls, lingered on the outskirts. As I passed one couple in particular—a tall guy in high tops and a red jersey followed by a blonde at least two feet shorter, face caked in make-up—my heart rejoiced to see God’s grace trickle over these broken teens. Which is what they are. Sure, they look angry. They act angry, and their mouth may spew a thousand ear-blistering, hateful words, but that’s all a mask.

As adults, its easy to watch them from afar, lumping them all into one “rebellious heap”, but those who take the time to dig a bit deeper catch a different picture. A picture of isolation, of trying to fit in, of hearts broken from rejection or abandonment, of hearts crying out for a Savior.

Praise God that He sees past the exterior to broken heart hidden beneath. Praise God for His patience, as He woos these precious children to Himself, breaking through their defenses and winning their trust with His faithful love. Praise God that He not only sees the pain, but provides the soothing balm able to set them free.


  1. Great post Jen….looking past the masks of individuals of all ages helps us see what Jesus sees. He sees so much to love even when many people put up such a “tough” front to protect themselves. In time….Jesus is always there and in all ways!

  2. Amen, Dolores! If only we demonstrated the same consistency and patience that God does! (Myself included). We often opt for the easy, “save-em-quick”, or dare I even say, “save-em-them-dump-em” approach, thinking a gospel tract shoved in their face will *snap* bring them to salvation, when the most effective evangelism is life-on-life witnessings. Taking the time to really get to know others, truly love on them, and show them you’re there for the long-haul, not just for their conversation.

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