My Marriage Before and After

One day while my daughter and I waited at the doctor’s office, we skimmed through one of those beauty magazines with the before and after pictures. Inside, we read of how beauticians gave numerous women make-overs. Photographers recorded the transformation on print. I often wish I had similar snap-shots to record my progress in Christ because grappling with the day-to-day, it’s easy to zero in on failure. If only I were more patient, more dedicated, kinder, whatever. Today God provided me a unique opportunity to see the before and after shots in my marriage by scheduling two very different yet complimentary guest posts in one day.

In the first one, I share what my marriage started out as…and it wasn’t pretty. In the second one, I share a special weekend when Steve and I celebrated fifteen years of happily-ever-after. Combined, they remind me of the awesome reconciliation and transformation power available in Christ Jesus. While on earth He promised to give us peace and told us He came to give us life–abundant life. As I continue to follow God and His plans for my life, I have found His words to be true. Day by day, God removes those things that rob our peace, filling our home with life, love, and joy.

It’s amazing how powerful—and deceptive—the human mind can be. Our past experiences, whether positive or negative, color the way we view the world. And when garbage clutters our hearts, it spills over into our vision, giving us what I like to call “garbage-splattered glasses.” (Read more, then come back to read the after story.)

Last year for our fifteenth wedding anniversary my husband and I packed our suitcases and got away…to downtown Kansas City. Quite honestly, I felt a bit silly when we checked into our hotel.

“Where are you from?”

“Kansas City.” The guy’s face scrunched in confusion so I quickly added, “Up north.” Like a whole twenty minutes north. (Read more, then come back to share your marriage journey.)

Where are you? Are you viewing your spouse through garbage-splattered glasses or are you celebrating the love God ignited? Where ever you’re at, remember, it starts and is sustained by prayer. Pray that God will soften your heart for your spouse and that He will open your eyes to catch a glimmer of who he/she really is. Ask God to draw the two of you together as you draw closer to God. Then come back in a few months and share what God does with your simple yet heart-felt prayer!

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