Hearts Wide Open

Tonight our church kicks off its VBS, which will be held at three locations–one in our sanctuary, one at a local apartment complex, and another at a local mobile home park. Last week Global Encounter opened the door and set the stage, pouring the love of Christ on kids in our community. This afternoon, God used a powerful video to prepare my heart for tonight and our upcoming VBS.

Loved the ending–Jesus paid it all! May we never impose a barrier to a gift so freely given. Instead, may we be the conduits of God’s grace, always pointing others to the cross.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about Global Encounter and their awesome teen-led ministry!


  1. I loved the ending as well…thanks for sharing!!! Praying for a great harvest of souls…for our Lord to show Himself strong on behalf of all who come and all who are working…may Jesus Christ be praised!!!…sandyT

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