Taming the Tongue

Have you ever noticed how readily we cling to the negative, no matter how irrational it is? Things spoken to me during my elementary years have stuck with me throughout countless successes and accolades, tearing at the walls of my heart. Think of your own life and those evasive lies you’ve allowed to wiggle their way in.

Countless people can tell you again and again how smart, or pretty, or resourceful you are, and yet you’ll cling to that one statement hurled in the heat of the moment to the contrary. Which is why it’s so important to guard our words, because once spoken, they penetrate deep and can never be returned.

I’ve always struggled with my tongue. (Read the rest here.)


  1. Glad I found your blog via your guest post over at Jessica Patch’s site! Wonderful, encouraging words. Look forward to reading more of your work. God bless you as you write for Him!

  2. I think the Lord brought me here. I was headed to COTT. The tongue is so tiny, but what power. Be it damaging or edifying. I’ve been at both ends, and it pops up with the people I love most. I wonder why that happens? I think it’s a reminder that we need to be a thought away from the Lord at all times. We need to be fed by His Word on a daily basis. And we need to put His Word into practice by forgive ourselves, realizing we will not be perfect until we leave this earth. And what a comfort to know that Christ sees us as washed clean. At the same time, others should see Him through us. What better way than our words?

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