Nando’s Bible by Yvonne Blake

In Matthew chapter 13, Jesus equates the kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed, a tiny seed which, when sown, grows into a large tree–a tree that produces perhaps a million seeds. Although I’ve never seen a mustard tree, our yard has plenty of  dandelions. Christians, like those tiny tufts carried by the wind, are meant to multiply, exponentially. Today’s story by Yvonne Blake gives us a glimmer of “grace-ematics.” It also reminds me how privileged we are to have easy access to God’s Word. With privilege comes responsibility for to him who much is given, much is required. May we never take this privilege for granted and may we surrender each gift, each privilege, to the hands of our Father, to be multiplied according to His sovereign grace.


Five years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Fernando Angeles, a man who grew up in a small village in the eastern mountains of Mexico. As a child, Nando spoke Tenek (an oral language at that time) and only heard about God in Latin or Spanish.

After he had gone away to school and learned to read Spanish, he was given a New Testament. He read the entire book in ten months and learned that salvation didn’t come from being good and following rules, but by believing in Jesus’ gift of eternal life.

He went to Bible school and later to the United States to learn more. Now, he and his wife, Christy, minister to his own people. They are also translating the Bible into Tenek so others can hear Christ speaking in their own language.

I have written about Nando’s Bible, and I had the privilege of teaching it to our VBS this summer. I am hoping to publish it soon so that young people will see the need to reach out to those around the world who have never heard the Gospel in their own language.

(See an excerpt from Nando’s Bible HERE.)

Pray for Fernando and Christy Angeles, facing the darkness of sin while they strive to reach the Tenek people of Mexico.


God has blessed Yvonne Blake with an interesting childhood. She has lived in the deserts of Arizona, the tropic islands of the Bahamas, the rugged hills of New York, the farmlands of mid-Maine. Her husband is her steady rock, loving his Lord and family. Raising a family of eight children, in Searsport, Maine, has been her focus over the last thirty years,which gives her storerooms of material to draw from. Striving to do their best regardless of the opinions of others, they have often lived out of step with the rest of the world. Now that her children have grown, she has chosen to stay home and write, releasing all the stories bottled in her mind. Her prayer is to be used of the Lord, to encourage and bless others with her writing.

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  1. With all the Bibles laying around my house, it does me good to remember that I’m extremely blessed that way. Thanks for this – love that dear Vonnie 🙂

  2. I am Christy Angeles’ mom. When Christy was just two years old, her daddy died in an electrical accident. It was through the untimely homegoing of my first husband that God brought me to the reality of death, and more importantly to the reality that we all need to be ready to face God. Just months after my first husband’s death, God allowed me to hear His Word powerfully preached and I was saved from my sins. After my salvation, I dedicated Christy and myself to the Lord. My deepest desire was and continues to be that both of us would be used of God to tell others of the salvation that could be theirs through the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All of Christy’s growing up years I poured my heart out in prayer to God; asking Him to protect my daughter from sin and the world, so that He could use her as one of His servants on the mission field. I am so thankful that not only did God graciously answer my prayer; but, that He has given Christy a very godly husband who has a passionate love for God, His Word, and lost souls. What a thrill it was to read an excerpt from Yvonne Blake’s book “Nando’s Bible”. THANK YOU!!!! Our all powerful and loving God truly answers prayer!!

  3. How many years later …? I’m Christy. Thank you for sharing this. We are now working on the books of Exodus, Joshua, Judges, and 1 Samuel. Now we are 3 translators and 2 Back Translators. God is good. And we have seen God do some amazing things through His Word in Tének. 1 church planted in an area where God was not mentioned, and 2 more areas where we are starting to hold services. Fernando (Nando) is now struggeling with a malignant tumor, but keeping on for our Lord and praying for a miracle. We are already seeing that miracle as we are seeing more Tének men beginning to serve the Lord.

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