Throwing Off All That Hinders

For years, discouragement’s been one of my greatest struggles. And once I let that first negative thought in, it isn’t long before all my thoughts spiral. But about a year ago, I began to realize what a time sapper negativity is, so I decided to do an about face. I figured, I either believed God was in control, or I didn’t. That he had a plan for my life or  didn’t, and if He truly had a plan, then what was there to get discouraged about.

At first, this perspective change was tough. As they say, old habits die hard, and this is doubly true with our thought patterns. But over time, it got easier and I began to notice a few changes.

1) I experienced greater joy in the day-to-day

2) Tasks and set-backs became more manageable.

3) My productivity increased dramatically!

Today I invite you to join me at the Robin’s Nest where I talk about my struggle with discouragement, how it impacted our daughter (remember, we don’t live in a vacuum.) and what I chose to do about it. If you find yourself throwing an occasional pity party, come with me to the Robin’s Nest. The live by faith party’s so much better!

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