Reaching the Next Generation

You might remember my post a while back about doing what we love, whatever that is, for the glory of God. There are countless ways we can do that, but today I want to highlight an author who’s reaching an audience near and dear to my heart–teenagers. This morning Shellie Neumeier, author of Driven, sent an email through the ACFW writer’s loop and I asked her if I could share it here. (And if you know anything about author royalties, you’ll understand that a dollar per book is a hefty chunk! Way to go, Shellie!)

Young Adult Novel Driven Helps Fund the Edge

Shellie: I love Sunday mornings, but before I dive into mine, I wanted to let you know about a special place that’s near and dear to my heart. A few years ago, a small church decided to ask their community how they could serve them. This community had been hit hard by the economy. So hard, that the busing to the local high school had been stopped and many of the lower grades were left without busing, too. BUT in many cases both parents needed to work, so how were parents to pick up their children from school (the ones who were too old for daycare)? What were the teens to do for the hours before their parents came home?

In answer to that need, Wellspring Community Church decided to open a teen center. The Edge soon found itself filled to the brim and within two years, serves to feed and provide for more than 100 teens every afternoon (yup, that’s 100 teens every day…imagine the amount of food they go through:D). Volunteers come to serve the snack bar, mix with the kids, and just love on them. Most volunteers are local youth leaders, some are fantastic parents, and others just have some time to spare and want to serve. There are small groups and classes. I get to  teach a writing class there once a week and these kids are so grateful! I wish I could do more. That’s when it hit me…

During the next two months (until Jan. 31, 2012), for every paperback copy of DRIVEN sold $1 will be given to The Edge so they can continue to support and serve these kids. DRIVEN can be found on or Barnes and Noble. com (those are probably the easiest sites to pick it up at). At amazon, the PB is only $6.01. If you decide to pick up a copy as a gift for a teen or just for yourself, first Thank You! and second, please send me a note letting me know where you picked up the book, the price it sold for, and when it was purchased (so I can keep track of the monies to be sent to The Edge).

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