When God Guides, God Provides

Host of Wielding the Sword of the Spirit Radio Show interviewed Larry Alston, President of Christ to the World Ministries, a ministry that uses radio waves to share the gospel of Christ. During the interview, Larry shared a story of a writer, now in her eighties, who’d always wanted to be a missionary to India. Illustrating his point that serving doesn’t take formal training, but instead, a willing heart, he went on to tell of the series she wrote, how it was aired in India, and of the great response the series received.

This ministry started maybe 7 years ago, and today, broadcasts in 32 countries, by the grace of God. They don’t have a formal fundraising campaign, and yet, God continues to provide and expand their boundaries. Because when God guides, He provides. What an amazing testimony of what God can do with willing, surrendered hearts!

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