Vision Check

This past month, my husband’s schedule has changed slightly, and he’s spent a few days working from home. In the beginning, each day as I performed my daily chores he’d ask, “Are you in a cleaning mood?” By the third time he asked this, I had to laugh. What was routine for me Monday through Friday seemed out-of-place for him because I rarely do major housework while he’s around. Most likely, he doesn’t give the clean floors and folded clothes much thought. (And I’m sure there are countless things he does each day I’m not aware of.) If left undone, however, I’m sure he’d notice!

I think this is true of God as well. We notice and talk about the big things–a miracle healing, a special verse that pops off the page when we need it most, but each day, God works behind the scenes, watching over us, guiding, loving, nurturing. In Matthew 6:23 Jesus said: “But if your eyes are bad, then your whole body will be full of darkness.”

Bad eyesight leads to distorted vision. If we can’t see God’s hand, the problem lies with us, not Him.

Perhaps it’s time for a vision check. 🙂

Let’s talk about this. How often do you think we miss God’s blessings because we’re not looking? Throughout the Bible we are told to live lives of praise and gratitude. Do you think negativity can distort our vision? What else hinders our ability to see God’s hand? How might “counting our blessings” change that?

And on a fun note, what are some unexpected or perhaps easily overlooked blessings that came your way this week?

Join us at Living by Grace as we talk about ways to enhance our spiritual vision. 🙂


  1. Worries and doubts and earthly desires block my spiritual vision. Need to ask God to forgive my sins and then fix my eyes on Jesus. Then I will have 20/20 vision.

    1. Oh, worries and doubts are a big one for me, too! Focusing on the problem makes it appear to escalate, but focusing on my Savior helps the problems diminish in light of His power and grace. 🙂 Great comment, Dicky!

  2. Wallowing in the misery of a sinus infection aggravated by the falling pollen, I’ve been focusing too much on the misery and missing the beauty that causes the pollen clouds and drifts of yellow. I didn’t stop to appreciate my Bradford pears when they were in full bloom, and and now my cherry is filled with pale pink blooms. “Thank you God for this world full of beauty you created for us to enjoy! Help me see past my minor pain to the blessings that out weigh it.”

  3. No fun, Catrina! I’ve had my fair share of wallowing lately. We’re in the process of getting our house ready to sell so we can move–not a fun endeavor in this economy! The funny thing is, God sort of warned me this season would be coming about two weeks ago. During my devotional time, I kept reading about “sacrifice of praise” and being thankful.

    I had an inkling that God was telling me to be thankful even when I don’t feel thankful, or even when times got tough, but it confused me as I wasn’t going through a tough time at that time.

    In fact, I had plenty to be thankful for and didn’t need necessarily to make an effort in that area. But as always, God knew what lay ahead and was laying the groundwork to help me stay strong and committed during the time I am now in. 🙂 Which is certainly minor compared to what many are struggling with.

    And yet, that’s precisely what I believe God was telling me–it doesn’t matter what the situation is, be thankful. When we can’t be thankful for our circumstances, we can be thankful for God’s character and our salvation. Big blessings!

  4. One of my online friends plans to focus on gratitude this coming month, which helped me shift my own thinking. Then one of my work friends babbled about her new apartment, then expressed her gratitude that I “put up with the gushing.” I was surprised. I told her she “put up with my gushing about my book contracts.” The least I could do was return the favor. Funny how it made it all okay then. Sometimes I think we worry about sharing what’s good in our life for fear of hurting someone else who is struggling, when in fact, it brought a moment of joy in a difficult time.

  5. Laurel, that’s a great point! When I was inviting a friend to share a “Reach Out” story with my readers, she said she struggled with that because she felt like she was bragging. I reminded her how Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” And then we talked about how cancerous negativity can be. I then asked, “What if we made speaking in psalms, hymns, and praises contagious?”

    I think the difference lies in our focus. If we are shouting out praises for what God has done for us, through us, or in us, then to God the glory. If we are looking for accolades, then we’ve probably forgotten about grace. 🙂 Because whatever is good in us is all because of the grace of God.

  6. Unresolved conflict with others can also distort vision. I learned this lesson when, in an absent-minded moment I sat on my new frameless glasses. Earpieces once attached to the lens now dangled with exposed prongs. I was embarrased to return to the optometrist but had no choice. When I held out my mangled frames,he lowered his chin and peered over his glasses. “What happened? Are you on the losing roller-derby team?”
    The technician took a seat behind a work table and pointed me toward a chair on the other side while he examined the broken glasses. His verdict, “This will take a while, but I think I can fix them.” During the next 45 minutes, my new best friend reassembled my glasses to their original shape.
    As I watched him work, I realized I witnessed a metaphor to another mangled mess I faced, but this time with an individual. Instead of butting heads with a friend over who was right or wrong, I needed to apply the technician’s touch. I needed to repair the frame through which I viewed the situation. I needed to restore the lens through which I eyed the other person. And I needed to mend the bridge that connected our two sides together.
    Completing his miracle, the technician handed me my broken glasses now made whole. Once again I saw the world — and my next steps to heal a broken relationship — with clarity. Best of all, to my question, “How much do I owe you?” he replied, “No charge. The price has already been paid.”

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