What Was I Thinking???

Oh, why do I let Sheryline Cochran talk me into these things?

Right. Because it’s for a great cause. What’s a little self-deprecation when it has the potential to help orphans?

When you put it that way ….

Between June 5-15th, I’m participating in Mary Kay’s charity make-over contest. No, I do not suspect my not-so-lovely mug-shot will win … on it’s own merit. I do, however, suspect many will vote for the cause I’m supporting. As humiliating as this campaign is. 🙂 (When you see my before and after shot, you’ll understand.)

In a nut-shell, Mary Kay will donate a total of $5,500 to the charity of the winner’s choice. (Wow, that reads awkward.)

If I win, the donation will go to two phenomenal orphan ministries: The Raining Seasons and Go Threads. (Click on their names to find out more about them.) Sharyline Cochran, the Mary Kay consultant that talked me into blasting my goofy face all across cyberspace, also has an opportunity to win an addition $5,000, also donated to an orphan ministry.

And all you have to do is cast your vote–five times each day for ten days. 🙂 And be sure to share the links below with your friends, inviting them to vote as well. (And if you want to hear the story behind my crumpled, blotchy face in the before shot, just ask.)

Join the campaign by visiting the following blogs. (You may even enjoy the different posts I wrote. 🙂 Plus, Sharyline’s giving away a $10 Mary Kay gift card … to ALL voters. Visit the blogs below to find out more.

June 5:
June 6th:
Sarah Smith (AKA Precarious Yates): http://www.precariousyates.com
June 7th:
June 8th:
Pat Gonzales: (She’s an editor for three magazines, and has a website, so I’m not sure where precisely she’ll post the piece.)
June 9th
June 10th:
June 11th:
June 12th:
Jessica Koschintzkey: http://jesskeller.wordpress.com/
June 14th:
Julie Arduini: http://juliearduini.com/
June 15th:
Tiffany Amber Stockton: http://amberstockton.blogspot.com/
Mark your calendar, and make sure to pop by!
Hm … I think I’m missing a few appearances. Unfortunately, my schedules in a box somewhere. But I’ll find it soon, promise! When I do, I’ll update the list.


  1. Jennifer, I will vote for you and will feature your post on June 9 as you have it above. I will also let my Facebook friends know and ask them to vote for you.

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