The Other Side of No

Today’s post is a bit off the cuff, so if you see an abundance of typos and awkward phrases, bear with me, please. 🙂

Many of you have shared such kind words regarding our move. For those of you who read  The Gift of No, I wanted to give you an update–a praise worthy, grace-infused update. 🙂 (If you haven’t read it, you might want to. Today’s post will make more sense.)

But before I do, I did want to touch on Thursday’s post. Yesterday I received an email that indicated the post had the potential to be misunderstood. In no way was I suggesting emotional repression. Nor was I trying to minimize the grief that comes from trials we face. My intent was to share what God showed me during our difficult time–that He is still good even when life is hard.

This doesn’t mean my daughter doesn’t still mourn her old friends, doesn’t still struggle with the move. It does mean that He wants me to walk beside her, to show her a love that is strong and true. And that was the message I want to convey to her, and that I’d hoped to share with all of you.

On my drive, God also showed me not to miss out on the potential blessing of connecting with my daughter–because I almost missed it.

Now back to closed doors and divine nos. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I shared about a home we made an offer on. It was in a great neighborhood, walking distance from the high school, was spacious, fit our budget. Or so we thought. But God said no.

We are now living in the house–the neighborhood God showed us … after the no. The house He said yes to. (This house is in a different city–a suburb of Omaha.) It’s smaller, not fancy, but … home. With a lovely walking trail that connects to our neighborhood. Those who know me know how much I cherish my walks. That’s my Jesus time. The day after we’d moved in, I left the boxes and clutter, grabbed my Iphone (with it’s Pandora Radio) and went for a walk. God met me on that path, and showed me it was His gift to me.

On Sunday, we went to a church ten minutes from our house. An outreach focused church full of welcoming Christians. We met the youth pastor, and on Wednesday, my daughter joined them for a dinner and movie night.

This Sunday, our love for the church grew.

On Wednesday, our daughter will spend two hours with the HS tennis team. She’ll do the same each Wednesday and Friday this summer. Two days a week of connecting with HS kids. Kids who will provide familiar faces on my daughter’s first day of school, some may even lead to great friendships.

You see, God knew all along.

Once again, praising God for the gift of no, and His love that never ends, never leaves, always guides.

Happy Sunday!


  1. A no for one thing may mean a big yes for something much better. I got many job rejections. But God wanted me to learn my current job is the best for me.

  2. SO true Dicky! When my husband got out of the Air Force in 2010, he had a job lined up. But months after he started working, they laid him off. He then searched for jobs, taking the low paying ones just to make ends meet while waiting for the “one”. This huge financial hit took us home to WA, and got us connected with an amazing church we’d been watching online for years during our travels. In the fall of 2011, “the one job” hired him, and at a high labor grade based on the many years he’d spent in the Air Force–years he was beginning to believe were wasted on learning a profession he wasn’t going to use. The many no’s lead to an amazing job he loves, with great benefits.

    1. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband! And praise God for His love and faithfulness! I imagine the interim was quite frightening and painful. But wow, what a beautiful ending. Or should I say, beginning?

  3. Oh, Jennifer, this sounds so wonderful and so God-provided! I’m so happy that everything is working out for all of you. May the Lord continue to bless you!

  4. I am loving the continuation of your family’s move. As I have gotten older, I have begun to realize again and again and again…it takes me awhile…that what I perceive as God’s “no” always turns out to be God’s “knows”! That doesn’t mean that everything is sweetness and delight while I go through what He wants me to go through, but it does mean that an answer is always waiting for me that shows me what He has known all along. We would all like to believe that life should be easy…but instead, we find that life is a journey of many different roads…some smooth, but others bumpy and full of twists and turns. God is with us on all roads of life. How blessed you are to be at a new home that it is a good place for you and all of your family!

  5. I’m glad things are working out for your family. “Unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think. . .be praises!” Lord bless, Jennifer.
    <3 Kathy

  6. Been following along with you. I LOVE that God has already provided a church for you. That was always the hardest part of moving, finding that church home. I never felt truly HOME without it. Oh, and Him meeting you on the path? I love those moments when He says, “Hon, this right here? I thought of you when I made it. Hope you like it.” 🙂

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