Huge Discount on Contemporary Christian Novel

BeyondIDocoverFor those of you who’ve been waiting for an excuse to purchase my debut novel, Beyond I Do, how’s a ginormous Amazon sale? I just learned (a bit by accident. 😉 ) that my contemporary romance novel is on sale for only $2.99! (kindle verson) (Maybe this sale is in preparation for my sophomore novel, When Dawn Breaks???)

Get it HERE!

I’m not sure how long this sale will last, but at least for day, for under $10 you can grab your kindle and head to your local coffee house for a mocha and enjoyable day of reading.  (Seems maybe I should do the same!)

Now might be a great time to “gift” this story, which many have found to be a great evangelism tool do it’s clear presentation of grace.

Happy reading, and sorry for the double post but I will see you tommorw when Maria Morgan will be joining me and sharing a bit about her debut book. Oh, is it gonna be a fun day!

Before I go, I wanted to give a shout-out to some amazing friends, a.k.a. cheerleaders who continually encouage me, talk up my writing, and share my links on FB and abroad.

Susan Aken, Jean Herian, and Jennifer Hallmark (who’s blog I just happen to be on today), you ladies are cherished. (Understatement of the century!)


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