What Happens When God Says No

We’ve all been there–at the end of a prayer prayed with everything within us. We know God can do what ask. It’d be so easy for Him. He created the universe and raised a man from the dead, after all. So what do we do when our most fervent prayer goes unanswered? Today I’m blogging about this very thing on Joy Avery Melville’s blog. Join us here.  (The piece starts after her blip about my novel and my back cover text, so you’ll need to scroll a bit to find it. 🙂 )

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  1. Thank you for your transparency Jennifer. Your words were an answer to prayer for me in dealing with a loved one who has chronic pain. Will you please pray for us as well?

  2. Absolutely, Kelly! I’m sorry your loved one is in pain, but what a blessing that they have you! My husband often says, “I wish I could help you more.” (Though he helps me bunches all the time!) But I always respond, “Help me focus on the good; on joy, on blessings, on fun things ahead.” Never underestimate the power of friendship and humor to lighten a heart. 🙂

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