From Their Heart to Mine

My husband and daughter have been conspiring again, and I’m soaking up every last drop. And because this proud momma has a blog, you’re going to have to suffer through as I share what I woke up to this morning. If you’ve read, Because They’re Watching, you’ll remember my husband takes my daughter momma-shopping quite often. Especially when I’m not around. Last week I was gone from Thursday through Monday, which gave them five days to conspire.

They started at a Pondora knock-off to buy new beads for a bracelet they gave me last Mother’s Day. I can envision the two of them together sifting through countless beads, all giggles and smiles, as they try to find the one mom would like best. (I warned you this is a proud momma post.) Then my daughter wrote a poem and designed a four page booklet with lots of hearts, flowers, and smiley faces, using Microsoft Publisher.

From them to me:

We love our mom and could not of asked for a better one…

She feeds us every day

And makes sure that everything is okay

We love her very much and she is the best there could be

She may bug us

But oh, how she loves us

Without her there would be emptiness

And not much happiness

She cheers us when we are sad

And calms us when we are mad

And this is why we love her so

The mother God gave us to love and know

She feeds us and makes us grow

To us she is very dear

And we miss her when she isn’t near

If not for what she has done

My life would not be near as fun

She has been here for me all my life

And she is an excellent author, mom, and wife!

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