Where’s My Rock to Crawl Under

Today I’m at my dear friend, Fay Lamb’s, sharing the not-so-glamorous side of writing. It’s almost comical that she posted my piece today, considering my dentist appointment yesterday. Going in for what I thought was a routine capping (to finish a root canal) I left with a long list of “necessaries.” My dentist’s conclusion? I’m “gummy, no offense,” and in need of a gumscoptomy (ouch!), oh, and my teeth are small–tiny actually, and in need of lengthening. Which then means my bite needs extending to make room for my bigger teeth, which she’ll give me after three year’s worth of visits. A previous dentist told me I had a protruding jaw line, which would “diminish” if I were to quit chewing gum. My daughter’s solution? Sit with my cheeks puffed out to soften the lines on my face.

When my husband got home, I asked him if there was any chance he and I could slip away to some remote island where I could hide behind my computer. To which he responded by wrapping me in a mammoth, face-smooshing hug. (Gotta love those strong, silent men. wink)

So, so glad that regardless of what happens on the outside, my forever-love husband calls me beautiful. (Yes, I do realize eye-sight wanes after 40, and for that I am very grateful!) But I know that he looks beyond the wrinkles, extra padding, and facial imperfections to a heart madly in love with him.

Gladder still that God looks at my heart and calls me a child of the King, redeemed and even now being transformed to ever-increasing glory, regardless of my Neanderthal brow, graying hair, gummy teeth, and protruding jaw. 🙂

In a world that zeroes in on the outside, it takes a bit of determined thinking to take our thoughts captive, fighting against the appearance-tide, focusing instead on matters of the heart, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

(When you’re done reading about my horrific experience with my headshot, stop by the Bible Advocate to see the end result and read my article.)

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