Laying a Relational Foundation

Although my daughter thinks I’m annoying, embarrassing (hm … I think mortifying might be a better word) and at times, down right infuriating, we are extremely close. But our relationship didn’t arise over night.

Today I’m at Power Up With God, traipsing down memory lane. Will you join me? Mamma’s of little ones, I hope you find it encouraging. Mamma’s of older ones, it’s never to late to lay that relational foundation. 🙂 Start today with a chatty walk.

(You can read my devo here.)

And don’t forget about the Beauty for the Broken campaign, which continues through June 15th.

Meet another character from Never Forsaken, the novel inspired by my love for orphans. This one’s an interview, although Aubrey, my main character’s younger sister, appears to be flubbing things. Ah, teenagers. (Read the interview here.)

I’m also at Valerie Comer’s today. You might remember her from her post, X Marks the Spot.

Here we meet a child working in the coffee plantations. This was perhaps the biggest shocker. When researching my novel, God opened my eyes to the plight of countless children and families working in sugar and coffee plantations. So we can have cheaper products. (Read it here.) That’s one of the reasons I love ministries like GoThreads, Remar San Miguel, World Crafts, and the Raining Season. They are helping to break this devastating cycle of generational poverty.

Also visit me at Salena Storm’s as I talk about God’s presence during tough times. (Read it here.) Christian, we are to be His hands and feet. Right at this moment, orphans are crying out to Him, desperate for aid … and we have the means to help.

Again, for those of you who’d rather skip the posts and head straight to voting, go here.
Have a blessed, be-a-blessing Monday!


  1. Thanks for linking to the article you wrote for my site. May increased awareness help the conditions of children in other countries.

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