God Doesn’t Need Pew Warmers

Have you ever been tempted to cry out, “But I don’t have enough time!”?

443789_frustratedWe live in a chaotic, distracting world, and when running in circles, scrambling to keep our feet from tripping over our laces–or the mounds of other shoes strewn throughout the house, it’s easy to buy into the lie that there’s just not enough of us to go around.

But I believe, if we’re honest, if we prayerfully evaluate our time–our schedules–we’ll find it’s less about how much time we have and more about how we use the time we’ve been given.

Join me at Takin’ it to the Streets as I prayerfully consider what God would have me do this day. Because if you belong to Christ–if you’ve been redeemed by His death and resurrection–He has a glorious plan for you this day. And every day you spend here on earth.


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