Free–Sweet Freedom With a Slice of Peach Cobbler

Sweet Freedom With a Slice of Peach Cobbler–a compilation of stories, testimonials, poems and devotions celebrating the freedom found in Christ, free to all my subscribers.

SweetFreedomCoverIn these pages you will read stories of people held in bondage by fears, bitterness, and deep emotional wounds, set free by their loving, compassionate, all powerful Savior. The same Savior that longs to free you. For when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. 

This Fourth of July, may you grab hold of the freedom that penetrates to your very core. A freedom only Christ can give.
To my current subscribers, if you’d like me to send you a free copy, via email, please let me know in the comments. Please include the email you wish me to contact you through.  To new subscribes, please let me know what email you used to subscribe along with what email (including ebook emails) you wish to have the file sent to.

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    1. I’ll send it to you now. 🙂 I’ll use the email address I have, but if you’d like me to send it to your e-reader, I can, if you give me the email address of your ereader.

  1. I would love a copy…Thank you very much for blessing me.

    A Sister in Christ,


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I responded to this on June 29, but never received my copy.


    1. Oh, Edwina, I’m so sorry! My husband and I are out of town and I have fallen behind on emails and updates. Sorry! I will send you the PDF copy now as well as a link to the free Kindle copy. Have a blessed day, my friend!

    1. Hi, Mavis! Happy Fourth! Yes, you should be able to read the PDF on your ipad. You can also get the kindle version for free (through the 7th). If you don’t have Kindle downloaded, you can do so for free from Amazon.

      I will send you the PDF and the Kindle link now. 🙂

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