College Touring

I know, I know, today’s my regular blogging day and my day to host Living by Grace, but I’m a bit occupied. 🙂 This is one of those monumental parenting weeks where my husband and I are coming to terms with the reality of empty nesting. It’s funny, I never thought this would be an issue for me. When I heard other moms talk about empty nesting or read articles about it, I couldn’t understand what was so difficult.

Until our daughter started touring colleges and suddenly reality hits.

It won’t be long until she’s gone. Ouch! To say we’re going to miss her would be perhaps the greatest understatement I’ve made on this blog. Hopefully the college she chooses will be within weekend driving distance. 🙂

Pat, you won a copy of Eleanor’s novel. I’ll shoot you and her an email soon.

Before y’all leave, I encourage you to pop by another blog I manage called Takin’ it to the Streets where I talk about the power of love. 🙂

Happy spring break!

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