When technology fails.

There’s one thing bound to initiate panic in any writer’s life. Can you guess what that is? I’ll wait… You have three guesses. I do hope, even though you’ll likely read my answer well before you reach the “share comments section” that you’ll tell us your guesses anyway. 🙂

All that to say, I’m having computer problems and might not get the post up and out today. Which is kind of a problem, as I had a lovely guest scheduled to share her heart with you. BUT… There’s always tomorrow! And I don’t even have a pretty/funny/thought-provoking/completely random photo to share! (More accurately, I have no idea *how* to locate and upload photos on this computer.)

This, of course, means, my subscribers will receive two emails from me this week–either both today, if I figure this silly computer out or the second one tomorrow. I think. 😉 Hopefully you’re inbox isn’t as clogged as mine.


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