Can’t Buy Me Love

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This Valentine’s Day, do you find yourself pouting, fuming, frowning, maybe stomping around a bit? Or have you begun to place catalogs strategically throughout the house… opened to a particular page… with a certain necklace or bracelet circled in red?

Because it’s all about us, right??? It’s all about what makes us happy, what we desire… what we DESERVE!

Or is it? Today author Karen Jurgens challenges our thinking, encouraging us to go deeper.

 Can’t Buy Me Love

By Karen Jurgens

Love. The pink hearts and red roses on Valentine’s Day come around each year to remind us. Isn’t finding love and happiness one of our ultimate quests in life?

Valentine heartWe’re born into it. Oozing love, parents lavish hopes and dreams on their precious newborn sons and daughters. The kind of love that is strong enough for a lifetime.

So how does that bubble burst?

Everything changes when a child grows old enough to understand how love operates. He is so accustomed to being on the receiving end that he is shocked to discover…there’s also a giving end. 


He is forced to learn how share toys and not whine. Forced to accept a new sibling who shares his parents’ love and not be jealous. Forced to let other kids have a turn before his without crying. And the lesson continues as he grows older–how to apologize, forgive, and extend grace to those who may not deserve it.

Although we all encounter these learning opportunities, their lessons aren’t always taken to heart. Instead, people seem to equate love with money, thinking that will bring them ultimate satisfaction. But is love for sale?

People without money look over the fence and think, if I could just be rich, I would be happy for the rest of my life. Money is the answer to everything. The others on the opposite side look at all their worldly possessions, prominence, stardom, popularity and think, I have money and everything my heart desires. So why do I feel so empty insidefence?

Money can buy education and degrees, but it can’t buy Godly wisdom.

Money can buy a marriage license and a lavish wedding, but it can’t buy a happy marriage.

Money can buy a house, but it can’t buy a home with a loving family.

Money can buy a bed, but it can’t buy deep sleep and sweet dreams.

Money can buy all the adult toys and distractions the world offers, but it can’t buy love and happiness–what our soul longs for the most.

Truly satisfying love isn’t found in the world because the world only offers fleeting pleasures.

Love’s entrance is narrow and there is only one gate. And the price? Money can’t buy it—it’s free for the asking…received freely through faith in Jesus Christ.

Come to the foot of the Cross–Jesus is waiting there to offer you salvation through His shed blood. Will you come today and receive it?

I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6, NASB).

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and not that of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no man may boast” (Eph.2:8, NASB).

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Karen Jurgens, a native Cincinnatian, has been a Texan transplant for thirty years and counting. She earned an M.Ed from the University of Arizona and enjoyed a life-long vocation of teaching English and French in high school, but writing has always been her passion.

Since recently retiring from the teaching profession, she is currently writing her first non-fiction book and is beginning her first romance novella. She currently writes on her personal blog, Touched by Him, and aspires to become a Christian speaker. Karen is an avid gourmet cook and goes all out for holidays and family birthdays. She loves spin classes, reading, and playing online word games.

You can find her at and also on the blogging crew at Jennifer Hallmark’s Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My!

Let’s talk about this. It’s so easy to become completely focused on ourselves, especially this time of year when every commercial and advertisement feeds our materialistic desires. But all those things–chocolate, fancy dinners, roses and jewelry–are but temporary fixes to an unmet gaping need that only Christ can fill. Ladies, what can you do this Valentine’s Day to resist livingbygracepic.jpthe “It’s all about me” pull? More importantly, what can you do today to connect with your true and ever faithful husband, Jesus Christ? Share your thoughts here in the comments below or at Living by Grace on Facebook.


  1. Hey Jen, this was really good. Although my Valentine’s Day will be very different and possibly empty, I did give some thought to the phrase, “It’s about me.”It’s not about me; married or not. It’s about knowing God fills every empty space in my life. As corny as it sounds, He’s my Valentine. Thanks.

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