Fun News Shared Here First

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Can you guess what my news is?

I don’t want to raise expectations too high. For some of you, this might not seem all that exciting. Before I go too far, I should probably respond to all the guesses y’all made on Facebook.

No, I’m not a grandmother (unless my grand-dogs count, and they totally should!). Yes, I am going on a trip, but that’s not the fun news.

Violin lessons? Um, I’m tone deaf and musically challenged, though that won’t stop me from belting out praise songs when the mood hits. Earning a theology degree? That would be interesting. I’ve long fiddled with the idea of getting my master’s. But no, that’s not it. Leading my own ministry? Sort of, although Wholly Loved isn’t “mine” per say. Praise God we have an amazing team of nearly thirty talented and Christ-led individuals passionate about helping women experience freedom. But while that’s a praise, that’s not my news. ๐Ÿ™‚

About a month ago, I decided we’d find a fun way to celebrate once I reached the ten book mark–the tenth traditionally published book. At the time, I had 8 traditionally published books (and others that I had published myself). I assumed my tenth contract would coincide with my 50th birthday, which I also planned to celebrate–preferably by going on a trip with family.

But then …

I received an email from my agent. My publisher offered me my first two book contract. This means I’ve hit the ten book mark! So that feels fun.

Celebrate with me?

Oh, and before I go, I should probably mention, dropped another Faith Over Fear Podcast episode. This one was on one of my favorite topics, or at least, one I’m coming to believe is of utmost importance in so many areas: Having the Courage to Set Boundaries. You can listen here:

The Courage to Trust Our Provider – Ep. 36 Faith Over Fear

With all that has occurred in our world and country, life can feel pretty unsettling. People are buried in bills, some have lost jobs and businesses, and still others fear they may soon lose their jobs. In this episode, Jennifer Slattery and Tara Rye discuss how we can find peace and comfort in our ever-faithful provider. Find Tara at: Find Jennifer Slattery at: Twitter: @jenslattery Find Wholly Loved at: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What are some potential causes of the increased financial insecurity many are experiencing? 2. Can you relate to these fears, and if so, why? 3. How can temporary challenges help to increase our faith? 4. When has God used a fearful experience to bring you increased freedom? 5. What character traits of God give you assurance when you feel afraid? 6. Can you share a time when God provided for you during a time of need? 7. What are some ways God provides for you now? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Visual-Generation
  1. The Courage to Trust Our Provider – Ep. 36
  2. Fighting the Fear of Being Alone โ€“ Ep. 35
  3. The Courage to Face Tragedy with Honesty and Faith โ€“ Ep. 34
  4. The Courage to Break Free from Shame – Ep. 33
  5. The Courage to Reconcile – Ep. 32

Is there a fear related topic you wish I’d cover? If so, let me know!

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