When God Lights up the Sky

Before you read this story, one that brings me tears even now, stop by Under the Cover of Prayer to read about another time when God showed me His tremendous love for His children. There is nothing He won’t do to show His love and to draw His children to Him.

The following is based on a true story, shared with me by a dear friend fighting brain cancer. (The actual account is provided at the end of the story, but I wanted to put it in story form so you could perhaps understand what a beautiful experience this was for her.)

Although I pray for miraculous healing, my greatest prayer is that this radiant daughter of Christ would know, moment-by-moment, God’s incomprehensible love for her. When she told me how God is demonstrating His love to her night after night, I was reminded of God’s tender mercies. There’s a song I love, it says, “With the strength of no other, and the heart of a Father.” Think about that phrase for a moment–God is all-powerful. He created every star in the heavens and each star blazes with an enourmous amount of energy. The source of all things is always greater than that which it created. But behind that power, or more accurately, coupled with it, is a heart that bleeds for His creation. That sees us when we are at our weakest moments and goes to the ends of the earth to show us we are not alone. He Himself has promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

When God Lights Up the Sky

Terry pushed up from the dinner table, staggering as the plates blurred before her. She gripped the back of her chair until the dizziness subsided.

“Momma, are you okay?” Tiffany, her oldest, froze, tears brimming in her eyes.

Swallowing down a wave of nasuea that threatened to expel her recently eaten dinner, Terry forced a smile and pulled her daughter close. “I’m great, sweetie. Now, where’s that picture you wanted to show me? The one you drew in art class?”

Tiffany studied her mother for a moment longer before turning on her heels and dashing up the stairs. Terry glanced at the clock on the far wall.  7:15. She kneaded her temples as if doing so would fight off the fatigue. One more hour to connect with her children, to instill memories, to show them the depths of her love. Then she could collapse for eight hours, maybe nine, before doing it all again.

Lord, give me energy to be here for my kids–really here. Clear the fussiness in my head. Please. And give me one more day.

“Zzzzrrrrrreeeea!” Her youngest child, Dennis, a chubby-faced boy with sky blue eyes and dimples on both cheeks, swirled an airplane in the sky. “Wanna pway with me, Momma?” He held a Match Box car in his other hand. “You can be the cops and I’ll be the cimimals.”

Terry glanced into the living room where Legos scattered the floor and a handful of other vehicles lined the couch. Maybe sitting would ease her nausea and clear her head. The least she could do was give him ten minutes.

Less than a year ago she would’ve whisked her son in the air like an airplane, filling the house with his high-pitched giggles. Now it took all her energy to make it through the day. And yet, no matter how difficult, each day was precious. Priceless. Cherished.

She turned back to her son. “I’d love to.”

The phone rang. She cringed and her husband bolted to his feet. A moment later, he called out to her. “It’s Linda from church.”

The fifth call in the last hour.

“She wants to know if she can stop by later.”

“Zoooooomzzzzeeeeeerrrrr!” Her son crashed his plane into a wall of Legos. “Momma, you gotta awwest me. I bwoke the waw. I had an akkident.”

“Hold on, sweetie.” She ruffled his hair then called out to her husband. “Can you ask her if I can take a rain check?” Grabbing a police car with chipped paint, she wove it through the “streets” of carpet town, toward her son’s plane.

“Not like that! You need to make the siwen noises.”

A wave of nausea swept over her and she leaned against the couch, double images flashing before her. Her brain pulsated, swollen from radiation-saturation, and for a moment, she feared she’d pass out.

“Honey? Honey? Are you okay?” A hand touched her shoulder and an image of her husband blurred before her.

The room went silent and her son dropped his plane. “Momma no feel well?”

She pinched the bridge of her nose and squeezed her eyes shut. Lord, please give me Your strength made perfect in weakness. For my children and husband’s sake.

“How about I put in a movie?” Her husband poked their son in the ribs until he rolled on the floor with laughter, then he cupped his wife’s chin and lifted her face until their gaze met. “Love you.” He kissed her cheek, then her mouth.


Terry lingered in the door of her children’s bedroom, listening to the steady rhythm of their breathing. If only she could capture this moment. Her husband draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled her close, resting his chin on top of her head.

She closed her eyes and inhaled his citrus cologne, laying her cheek against his chest. The steady pounding of his heart soothed her and for a moment, peace washed over her.

But then the phone rang again. She sighed; her shoulders caving forward. Her husband tensed.

“I’ll get it. You go relax.”

She nodded and shuffled down the stairs, outside, and to the porch swing. A cool breeze swept over her, carrying with it the faint scent of freshly cut grass. A crescent moon blazed in a clear night sky, thousands of stars twinkling all around her. She searched the constellations, naming each one in turn. For years, she’d wanted to see a falling star. As a kid, she’d spent hours searching the night sky. She’s seen many things–air planes glistening in the night, Venus blazing bright. But not once a shooting star. But one day she’d be with the bright and morning star. Even as He stayed with her now.

She leaned her head back and inhaled the cool night air, a deep warmth filling her heart, as she turned to God in prayer.

A flash of light caught her attention and she sat aright. In that moment, her vision cleared and above her, a star fell like a miniature Fourth of July firecracker.

“Oh, Father! Oh, Holy Father.”

Tears flooded her cheeks and laughter bubbled in her chest as another star followed.


About two months ago, my friend started to sit on her back porch talking to God. Something about looking up at the sky, under the stars, brought her peace. One night as she poured out her heart to Him, she saw a shooting star. She was so excited but didn’t connect it to God- not that time. Since that night, she has seen at least 6 – 10 shooting stars, always when she’s talking to Him. Just typing this story to me overwhelmed her with emotion.

Her words: It’s a simple thing, but for me it reminds me of His love and how He delights in showing it- to ME. Just for me. Just because He wants me to know He’s with me and hears me.

When she told me the story, I, too, was overwhelmed with emotion. A song called Light up the Sky by the Afters is one of my favorites. I listen to it often and love the chorus, “Light, light, light up the sky to show me You are with me.” I never understood why I loved that phrase so much until my friend shared her story. I believe God drew me to that song so I would understand what He’d done for my dear friend, because the song rushed to my mind the minute she told me.

With the strength like no other and the heart of a Father, He lights up the sky to show us He is with us.

Pause and listen to this song and rest in the presence of your loving Father. (And to my dear, radiant, beautiful friend–you are dearly loved! And you shine brighter than those stars God uses to show you His love.)


  1. Thanks, Lynn. I’m in tears today, too. Listening to that song again and again, so thankful that God is holding my friend close to His heart. And I am very thankful for your prayers.

  2. I just finished having such an awsome experience with God after reading your story and after listening to that song that I have heard so many times and loved. However, tonight it held much more and deeper meaning than before because I too have had the awesome experience of talking to God and having him assure me of his presence by blessing me with not one but two shooting stars that came from the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. You see I was in a very abusive relationship for many years, and once when I was feeling I could take no more, I went outside at night and cried out the God to give me strength and peace and lift me up. I stared hard up at the brightest star in the sky, which I now know is the star, Sirius. I was so desperate to connect directly with God that I asked Him to show me a sign that he was listening. I knew I wasn’t supposed to ask for a sign from Him and didn’t really expect to have any, but as I was staring so, so hard at that bright star, He amazed me with a shooting star bursting from that very star like a lightening bolt across the sky. I was completely frozen when I saw that star shoot across the sky and tears of joy were streaming down my face. And to my amazement, God sent another shooting star from that very star as if to say, yes, I am definitely listening, and I will give you strength to carry on, and He did!!!! This wonderful sign from God happened about 5 years ago, and I have shared my story with many people since then because I want to help others know that God does in fact listen to us. When I want to feel especially close to God, I go outside wherever I might be, and there it is, that bright, wonderful star that is the first star I can clearly see at dusk and seems to be the last star I see clearly in the morning. I call it the God Star. I just want to share this story to hopefully uplift your dear friend and sister in Christ that God was definitely communicating his love to her when He sent the shooting stars. I had also never seen a shooting star before that night but always wanted to. God does hear our prayers and sometimes He lets us know that He is waiting for us in the heavens!!!! May God richly bless everyone, especially your wonderful friend!!!!

    1. Oh, Wow, Ladies I have really enjoyed reading your stories, Sherry, you have me in tears right now 10/14/13 @11.01pm Atlanta GA. I just saw a falling star tonight also. I always look at the sky, day and night, waiting for God to talk to me in some way. Tonight I was sitting out on the patio and looking up like always. It’s so beautiful, how can I not look at it. And we were talking about my calling to be a Minister to win souls for the kingdom, and My husband actually said it would be a good idea, Wow, this is all happening so fast. I have been waiting for God to answer me on a few things and he did tonight. Just a few hours before I saw the falling star, I was in the bathroom, shouting and praising Jesus, and even started pretending I was preaching a sermon. My daughter who is 8 over heard me and came in and said Mom, Amen, that is good. Do you want to be a preacher she said. I was floored, I couldn’t believe she said that. Then my husband said it, then I see the falling star. So I made a wish, one I have already had a dream about, and I want it to come true, which I know it will, but I just asked at the special moment. I have seen a total of 2 shooting stars, but tonight was different for the others. I saw the star just fall straight down, straight down from the sky, I was bouncing up and down telling my husband what I just saw. It was wonderful, just amazing, like you said to know he loves us and is listening. It really feels good to know we can now communicate back to our Father, I really am excited about going to heaven, It will be so awesome. I know before I go there, I must help win souls for the kingdom. I want to minister, but I see myself doing so much more than just that. I do feel thought God will get me there with this as a step up to my next level. Thank you all so much for coming out her to write about such a special gift the God above shows those who really seek after him. I know seeking him is the key, and faith is the door. It is amazing to be a child of the King. Thanks everyone for listening and God bless you Jennifer Slattery and Sherry and to you all.#Team Jesus.

  3. I was having an intense conversation with God while driving home just now. My son passed away last month unexpectedly from the flu. I was also telling my son how sorry I was for what happened to him. I asked God for a sign, that he is listening.. didn’t really expect one. Then when I got out of the car I looked in the sky and seen the most beautiful falling star. I feel like I got my sign.

    1. Oh, Kathy, I can’t imagine what you must feel. I pray God surrounds you in His love and carries you close to His heart during this time. How awesome that God showed you in such a tangible way that He was listening and is with you! And we do not mourn like those without hope, because we know this life on earth is not the end. Blessings.

  4. Dear Jennifer and my Brother & Sisters in Christ Jesus who are know reading this. Today is August 1st 2014 and let me just say that my breath was taken away after reading your post Jennifer. I want to thank you and her for allowing this message to take place for it is confirming to many the love and power of God in that yes, he can light up the sky for you. If we think for a moment how He died for us on the cross would it be harder to believe that He can speak to you from the sky through light? Yes of course he can and he is doing it for those who seek Him whole heatedly. Today was my third encounter with what seemed to be a bright light (Star) shoot right across the sky. I was again outside His backyard giving my all to Him in prayer and thankfulness while looking up at His creation of the sky and the stars. I have seen falling stars in the past growing up but not many. This star was like no other in that it was bigger than any star I have ever seen in my life and this one did not shoot straight down from the sky like a falling star would. In the past the stars that I’ve seen have clearly fallen from where they where positioned and would shoot straight down which is a beautiful thing to see. This light as I look up into the sky and praising Him just appeared out of nowhere and although it happened so fast, it’s like I caught the whole thing in slow motion. It was the most beautiful-est thing I’ve ever encountered in my life. The star shot straight across the sky and not downward. This was clearly God speaking to me and I am testifying to Him as I said I would for it is now part of my great testimony. The first time it occurred was about 11:30 PM on Wednesday as I decided to walk out to my p.o box down the street. My neighborhood is very quiet and you see nobody after 9 pm. As I came back from my box I decided to just lean my back against my truck and look up into the sky. (I had begun doing this only about 3 months ago where I started looking up to the sky and giving the Lord thanks for my life and all that he has blessed me with almost every Saturday after Bible study. I would walk my Mother & Father to their car and I would not go back into the house, instead I would stay outside to look up onto the stars to praise Him.) As I looked up that Wednesday night up onto the stars I began to realize again how beautiful God’s workmanship truly was and again I began to praise Him and speak to Him. I put my heart into talking to him that I didn’t care if there was anyone around me but what I noticed was that I began to speak to him in my mind to only find myself praying out loud to Him. I found myself in this quiet place with just Him and I in it and His sky and His stars. Suddenly I found myself asking Him to take me with Him. I remember saying this once and felt as this was what my spirit was having me tell him and again a second time I said to Him “Lord, take me with you”. All of a sudden this light shined out of the sky a shot straight across the sky before my eyes. My breath was taken away in which I became speechless not understanding what had just taken place. At first I thought it was just a falling star but then as I went inside the house I began to ask myself questions about coincidences and said to myself that with God everything is possible and that He is a living God and what if it was a sign from Him. My heart began beating fast again as if it was taking place again. I had just never seen a star so bright and so big and shoot straight across so to me it wasn’t a falling star because it never fell. I went in and I shared with my wife and she was very happy and she believed what I was telling her and she agreed that it was from God. Thursday came and as the night came I decided to go out to His backyard and began to look up into the sky (Not expecting anything to take place or for me to see a star) just again to talk with Him and spend time with Him to thank Him for the love He has shown me through the years and thanking Him for my family and our lives and just asking for guidance to get closer to His will for me. Suddenly as my tears rolled down my cheeks here comes this light and I saw it clearly with my eyes shooting straight across the sky and I stood still in awe, my heart was pumping and I felt the rush in my body saying ” Lord it is you” Thank you… thank you…thank you…Praise the Lord…..My Father lives!! Thank you Jesus. I went back into the house and began to continue in prayer. Right after that I called my wife and took her by the hand and sat her down. I said….it happened again…! She was like “What did” I said the star….This time her face didn’t looked so convinced and I explained to her that I was telling her the truth so she said she believed me. Now this morning at 2:00 AM there was no doubt that God is with me, that God hears my prayers, that God is here to stay with me through the Holy Spirit! I am convinced and blown away by His grace and tender love that yes, just as He gave His life on the cross for me, He also made the sky light up for me to see that He is with me. I found this post when I started searching for sky and stars hoping to find something similar to what I saw. I finally came on here and now I am giving my testimony in which my Lord is witness of this very day. I have been battling with medical issues for about almost two years now and every time it gets harder and harder or at least that is what my body and mind tells me based on my symptoms. I suffer from headaches, vision, sleep ap, Anxiety, TBI and the list does not stop here. I’ve cried out to the Lord several times and I have been constantly in fear of what may happen to me. I know that the Lord is with me and that I should not worry…and instead just pray to Him because He is here for me and I’ve been told many times by different people and pastors that a breakthrough is about to take place in my life and that a great testimony shall come from it. I have spoken to my Lord and I’ve said to Him that I will testify all He has done for me to the world and to anyone who comes across my path that lives in fear. Trust in the Lord with all your heart….ALL OF YOU!! Seek Him wholeheartedly with all your mind body and spirit and you shall find Him…..He will be found!! It is true!! He lives…! Be patient and trust in Him…you shall find endurance and rest in Him….believe it that He is the living God that can make anything impossible to us possible.! Again thank you Jennifer for sharing this with us. God bless you and that dear child of God. My message here is…….Have faith!! Search for Him wholeheartedly!! And you will find Him…..this I promise you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so does He promises us. May the Lord above bless you all. I am humbled for this opportunity to share with you all!

    1. AT Tor, I’m so sorry you are having so many health challenges, but I’m so glad God is revealing His deep love and tender care to you during this time. God can and does use whatever He chooses to reach out to His precious children, to let us know He’s watching, that He knows how we feel, how we hurt, how we fear, and that He cares. Deeply. Blessings, my friend!

  5. I connected with your story, because something like this happened to me two days ago. While I was in deep prayer by my window, i was prompted by a voice to stop praying and open my eyes, I ignored the voice and tried to continue praying, but the voice repeatedly its self and told me to stop praying and open my eyes, when I opened my eyes I saw a big shooting star, I immediately knew God had heard my prayers for a sign, as I always sat by my window expecting to see a sign in the sky. God is ever present and he is alive. Keep the faith going and God bless!

    1. Listened and cried. Cried and Listened. Read and cried. Cried and read. I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you ladies. I’ve read your comments and I’m reminded to ask God to give me the strength to stay in the present with Him because He is alive and He loves us so….Thanks Jen. Praying.

  6. I googled shooting stars 🌠 from God because I keep seeing them and feeling like it is God saying He loves me. I always see them, and am filled with Wonder and a feeling of safety in God. It was great to hear confirmation from this story that God works this way with others too. Thanks for sharing it!

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