Who Are You, Really?

Who are you? At your core? Are you a mother? And how will you feel once your children leave the home? Are you a wife? What happens when you face widowhood? Are you a teacher or a secretary or a community leader? And when those roles are through, when you can no longer perform, who will you be?

Thanks, Donna Stone, from Faith, Friends, and Frappes for challenging me to look a little deeper this morning.

And regardless of what hats you do or don’t wear, what jobs you do or don’t hold, or how many mistakes you do or don’t make, if you’ve turned to Jesus for salvation you bear one name that will never change–child of the risen King. And according the Bible, He has inscribed your name in the palm of His hands.

Donna Stone is a blogger, freelance writer, and stay at home mom. She has written for various print and online publications on a variety of topics. Her current endeavor is to write a novel and be a vessel God can use. You can read more of her posts at friendshipfaithandfrappes.com.


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