Healer of Broken Hearts

JimMagruderToday’s devotion written by author and blogger, James C. Magruder, focuses on one of my favorite verses: Psalm 34:18. You may be familiar with the quote by CS Lewis that says, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains…” I’d choose a different wording here, as I don’t envision God as much of a shouter, but I do agree with CS Lewis’s overall message–God makes Himself clear and real when we’re hurting. Through verses that leap out at us during our morning Bible reading time, bringing a deep sense of peace; through songs that penetrate so deeply, tears arise; through a friend who calls unexpectedly when we need it most. And He longs to use you and I to do so. As you go about your day, ask God to show you His hurting children and how He longs to love them through you.

Healer of Broken Hearts by James C Magruder



The Lord is near the broken hearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:18


523835_sweet_dreamsBroken hearts. They’re all around us. The man sitting next to you at the office is going through a divorce. It wasn’t his idea. The young couple next door recently finished painting the baby’s room. Last night they had a child—stillborn. A 10-year boy learned his father was killed in an overseas conflict. He was to come home in a few days.


People all around us are hurting.  In some, you see it in their eyes. In others, you hear it in their voice. Others bury it deep in the recesses of 747397_sam_close_uptheir soul mistakenly believing no one can see or touch their pain.


But you may see it. You may even feel it, because you’ve been there. You’ve experienced the pain, felt the void, and wondered how you would move on. But God met you there. He numbed your pain, filled your void, mended your broken heart and lifted your weary spirit.


Look around you. Who is hurting? Who can you introduce to the healer of broken hearts?


The Lord knows our pain no matter how deep we bury it, no matter how we mask it. He sees it, He feels it—and He died for it. God is near the broken hearted and He is ready to “save those who are crushed in spirit.”


Point a broken heart to Him.


James C. Magruder is an award-winning advertising copywriter and executive speechwriter. He has had articles published in Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Journal, Marriage Partnership, Home Life, Christian Communicator, and recently in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Inspiration for Writers, available in bookstores, Amazon.com and other online booksellers on May 21st, 2013. He encourages writers to chase their dreams regarding the writing life on his blog at:  www.thewritersrefuge.wordpress.com.

You can reach out to him at:  jcmchips1@yahoo.com.


Let’s talk about this!

Parents, I want to address you first. I believe compassion is as much taught as it is caught. But I do not believe it comes naturally. In fact, I believe humans by their very nature are selfish, so self-consumed we rarely notice the hurts and needs of others. However, if we diligently and consistently train and model active compassion, I believe our children will learn to do the same. And what happens when God’s children consistently display the love of Christ? People experience healing, lives and families are changed, and those we encounter will be drawn to our Savior, the God of love.

To all of us, may we keep our eyes and hearts open to the hurting today, taking the time to look past the exterior to the broken heart hidden beneath.

Is there someone God has placed on your heart, and if so, how might you move forward in obedience? Has God used someone else to show His love to you? We’d love to read about it!

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    Thank you for posting my devotional today. You did a marvelous job posting it and setting it up. Thank you very much. Your Facebook comments were also outstanding. I appreciate all of the support and for putting your readers in the devotional mood with your warm and insightful intros.

    Below is the email version. By clicking on  “Healer of Broken Hearts” takes you to your blog. It all works so well.

    Just want to say a big “Thank You.”

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