Loving Without an Agenda

Today I’m blogging at Takin’ it to the Streets, sharing my thoughts on a topic very close to my heart–agenda-based love. It’s a “love” I’ve experienced and sadly, one I’ve dished out. But it’s certainly not a love I wish to perpetuate!

No one likes to be someone else’s project, well, unless maybe you’re on an extreme make-over show, which is entirely different as: 1) You know exactly what you are getting into, 2) I suspect there’s normally money involved–or at the very least, some free perks, and 3) You’ll be on national television. Which seems fabulous until you catch the final program and notice that humongaloid booger dangling from your nostril, the weird twitch on the left side of your face, and the way spittle flies from your mouth whenever you speak.

So, yeah, my premise stands–no one wants to be someone else’s project. Because projects aren’t friends, and love on an agenda is temporary. Conditional. Manipulative.

In the evangelical community, love on an agenda says, … (Read the rest here.)

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