Stand Firm!

But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity (Isaiah 32:8).

Generous, loving, compassionate people, spirit-led people, plan to do what is generous and kind. They analyze situations, watch their loved ones closely, alert to their needs–spoken or unspoken, financial or emotional. And then they make a plan to meet those needs, or at least, to in some way, show they care.

Not sure why, but somehow most of my friends are a bit on the independent side. They love to give, to serve, to pray. Receiving acts of service? *slight giggle*. I suspect that’s hard for many of us. But this verse challenges me to be a bit creative and proactive with my acts of love, and to “stand firm” in it. Or in other words, to make it happen.

Regardless what obstacles or inconveniences might come your way.

It’s easy to get an idea. It’s even easier to justify ourselves out of that idea. But it takes a bit of resolve to follow through.

So, who might God be wanting you to stand firm in generosity to? (I encourage you to think a bit outside the box, not just in monetary terms but also consider ways to generous with your time, your words of encouragement, your prayers, etc.)

Have a blessed Thursday, and may we all, in some way, positively impact those around us. And to those who struggle with the receiving part, how might your receiving someone else’s gift of love actually help them draw and stay closer to God? (Chew on that one for a while. 🙂 )




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