Finding Freedom

SweetFreedomCoverI suspect most of you are aware, I’m passionate about pointing others to Jesus–about helping others find and experience the most passionate and intimate love-relationship they’ll ever find. But my motivations might surprise you. Yes, I get heaven and hell, and yes, I realize eternity is ultra important, but honestly, I’m pretty temporal. (Not saying I’m proud of this. Just calling it like it is.) And temporally, I know, know, know having Jesus–truly knowing Jesus and allowing His love to have full-reign, makes such a difference.

Jesus is the difference between hopelessness and hope

Between purpose and mere existence

Between fear and peace

Between knowing in your core you are intimately loved and feeling invisible. Insignificant

Between shame and infinite, eternal worth

Between bondage–to self, to sin, to pain, to shame, and freedom unimagined

Between hiding and unveiling–living a lie of have-tos and must-dos and experiencing the joy of authenticity

Today pop on over to Laura Hilton’s blog to learn more about the intense, fulfilling, strengthening, and hope-infusing freedom Christ offers, the motivations behind the stories included in Sweet Freedom, and get entered to win a free book!

“My story in Sweet Freedom is called Hidden Memories. When I was nine years old, a family friend sexually abused me. The reason I wrote this story is to show others who have gone through the same tragedy that God can set them free from the fear that often comes along with being violated. There is no need to live as a victim to the lies and lack of self-worth that one feels after experiencing this trauma.” ~ Kelly Liberto

When this life brings us down, God urges us to lift up our face, for salvation is coming!

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