Seeing Rainbows Not Rain

There are times when I’m blown away by the love and grace of believers, then there are other times, well… I suppose I must remind myself that we are all a work in progress with a bit of Adam lingering. And I must also remind myself that there are times, way more than I’d like to admit, when my words and actions reflect anything but grace.

And when they do, when I’m tempted to see the rain instead of the beautiful rainbow God stretches against the sky, may I remember this poem, rainbowposted over an email loop by a sweet friend and sister in Christ, Ane Mulligan. (Most of you probably know her for her roll-on-the-floor-laugh-out-loud humor, but I suspect even amidst your giggles you’ve caught a glimpse of her Christ-infused heart.)

As you read her poem, I encourage you to see yourself in it. And the next time you’re tempted to quibble over paint, or procedure changes, or music styles, or any of the other majorly important detail sin life (eye roll) remember this poem, this steeple, and the God who sees it all.

Paint on the Wall By Matt Tullos (C) Matt Tullos

There was a church upon a hill,

Where everything was fine until

The paint inside was getting old

And peeling in some spots, I’m told.

622233_churchThe pastor called a business meeting

And after the preliminary greeting

The Deacons cried, Come one, come all.

What color should we paint the wall?

They gathered in the sanctuary

Each determined and contrary.

Sister Gayle said, What do you think

About a nice chartreuse pink?

Brother Dave said to the crowd,

Isn’t that a bit too loud?

I prefer a subtle blue,

It makes the walls look clean and new.

Six women rebuked, We want gold.

It seems much warmer, blue’s too cold!

I’m here more than all of you.

I agree with Brother Dave. Let’s paint the walls blue.

A man in the back began to bellow,

Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow!!!!!

From that point on their voices grew stronger.

Each emotional plea became longer and longer.

Then strongly and sternly, a VOICE of great love,

Silenced the church as it spoke from above.

You wonder why you can’t hear My call

When your greatest struggle is paint on the wall.

Paint your church the pale color of skin

For you let no other races come in.

Paint your church a wealthy green,

For you ignore the starvation you’ve seen.

Paint it white and clean as uncalloused feet,

For you refuse to share My joy in the street.

I agree your church could be painted blue,

For your hearts so cold are given to few.

You give many renditions of church as a game

But you fail to water in My holy name.

You pray using eloquent ‘Thees and Thous’,

And yet you forget about the ‘heres and nows’

You struggle to be an earthly saint,

But My love must not be covered in paint.


  1. Oh Jen this was so perfect for me. I posted on my blog about not missing the God moments in HIS nature. I am in seeing rain mode rather than rainbow and this was such a good reminder that we are all so imperfect. Thank you Jesus for your love and provision.

    1. When rain pours, it’s easy to become consumed by the down pour, isn’t it? But some of my closest, most memorable times with God have been during raging storms. 🙂 And I’ve had times when something I originally thought of as a hinderance/inconvenience later turned out to be a great blessing. 🙂 Have a blessed day, my friend, and may God send beautiful rainbows your way today.

  2. I greatly appreciate the sentiments in this poem…it speaks to me! Thanks for sharing it.

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